How to sew a dress without a pattern

So out of the ordinary piece of fabric, for example, the present Greek dress, you only need to cut and sew a few folds of the dress, along both sides from top to bottom. Moreover, this kind of gown can be obtained without preliminary drawing, and it will be beautiful to fit any body. In the end you’ll have the most elegant outfit that you made with your own hands. Using a variety of methods for modeling dresses without patterns, you can get various kinds of dresses, depending on what color and quality of fabric you choose to create them.

Как сшить платье без выкройки


1. Start with the fact that spreads cloth on the floor, and on this piece the middle, and draw a line of specially prepared chalk. This line will lie approximately at the level of your shoulders.

2. Then, right in the center of this piece of fabric, you need to make a hole for your head, after drawing a horizontal line perpendicular to the center line. After that, we begin to penetrate this cut with scissors, removing and hemming the thread on the edges.

3. Next, you need to «push» the hole in your head and determine what level you will deepen your neckline in the cleavage area. This cut can be stopped even under the chest, bandaging it with a special tape, but you can lower just below the elbow on the floor, and have to use the second tape to entwine it around your waist.

4. After these exercises with the cloth, she will be free to flow on your feet, and will easily start to fall from your belt under the breast. After all marks for binder are ready, you can pin the line of the shoulders of the fabric with pins, then remove and sew the thread.

5. After that, the dress is almost finished, just tie it with ribbon under bust and over your new dress at the waist, tie another ribbon. This type of dress will be very similar to his Greek way, and it looks very attractive and original.

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