Aneurysm — a serious disease of the aorta

An aneurysm is a serious disease, which is manifested by swelling of the walls of arteries, often aortic. In appearance it is similar to the gradually swelling «bag» which has a limit in strength. It can all lead to serious consequences.


Swollen artery in those places, where is it and weakening of the vessel wall become weak. An aneurysm can develop in any part of the aorta, but most often it occurs in the abdominal cavity of man. Form aneurysms resemble a rounded bulge or tubular, which is far more common.


The symptoms of an aneurysm may depend from the place of its appearance and size. Therefore, a small aneurysm of cerebral vessels is absolutely not able to Express themselves for a very long time before she would burst. And big education put pressure on the brain, so people that have this illness, often ill prepared, there is weakness, numbness of certain parts of the body, partial loss of vision and more.

Because of these features of aneurysm detection becomes random and often very late when the ultraviolet examination of the brain or other parts of the body.


Very often the aneurysm becomes a consequence of atherosclerosis, which leads to the weakening of the aortic wall, which leads to its swelling. In the aorta aneurysm is often formed thrombus, or blood clot, which may spread to all parts of the vessel.

Often if a person smokes or has high blood pressure, the risk of developing this disease increases many times. Also in inflammatory processes, trauma of the aorta and other things can increase the risk of disease.

But an aneurysm can develop not only in the aorta and in other vessels due to weakening of the vessel wall. Just cannot detect an aneurysm, a trip to a specialist will be able to shed light on the problem.

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