Measles we no longer fear

In the Russian Federation and all over the world, perhaps, been sufficiently developed an extensive system of vaccination. It is designed to warn of possible outbreaks of various diseases. But it is an interesting fact that so far the doctors are unable to find the magic pill from such renowned since ancient times for diseases like measles.


Today, however, all scientists are to be congratulated, the opening that waited so long took place. A group of scientists, comprising experts from different countries invented and began testing of a new drug. The principle of action of the drug based on cell division and their ability to transmit newly received data to the cells DNA. In the basis of medicine includes morbillivirus, which is the basis of measles virus. I must say, he is one of the many varieties of the measles virus.

Scientists from Germany and America were researchers in the development of this drug. The experiments were conducted on ferrets. Rinderpest virus was injected to animals via nose. This virus has so far caused the death of the animal in hundred percent of cases. But here is the miracle in treatment of new drug mammals were recovered, but still has gained strong immunity to this type of disease. A new drug, by the way, its called ERDRP – 0519, can slow the rate of movement of virus through the vessels of blood and lymph. The rest of the ferrets died, not having received the treatment.

Scientists doctors from the international group are planning further research on humans. There are attempts using the new drug to achieve the localization of the measles virus, even when being close to a sick patient to exclude the possibility of infection. I must say that while the abolition of the usual vaccination against measles is not planned.

Let’s add that, despite major discoveries in the field of medicine, there are no opportunities to receive medical treatment that is one hundred percent helped people recover from measles. Statistics yearly States the facts of death from this disease. Worst of all, that in the main group at risk are our children. Many parents, for various reasons, refuse immunisation against measles, which must be done at an early stage of a child’s life.

Say again that measles is an infectious disease and like most of them, is transmitted by airborne droplets.

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