How to treat a cold without drugs

Used to expensive candies and powders that quickly «cure» a cold? And in vain, because with less harm to health and wallet, you can use old well-tested technologies.

Как лечить простуду без таблеток

Very often the pharmacy can buyers see the signs of a cold, ask the pharmacist to tell them some way of poeffektivnee. As a result, the patient leaves with one bag of candy «from the throat», siropchika «cough» and powders of complex action, which according to the manufacturer’s promise is literally for half a minute, relieve fever, sore throat, runny nose… And probably will make you a rich, happy and smart because they spent a very considerable sum of money.

Useful tip: before buying all of these «drugs», carefully read the composition, action and the results of overdose. By the way, under different trade names may be hiding a very similar formula!

How to fight a cold without pills? To answer this question, let us remember, what is cold. Usually this term we understand the following symptoms: temperature, headache and muscle, joint pain (as a result of the temperature), runny nose, cough, sore throat. Many also observed weakness (from mild to impossible to get out of bed for a long time), tachycardia, headache. Of course, colds can do without some of the symptoms.

Attention! If sore throat, cough and a runny nose to completely ignore that there is a significant risk of relevant complications!

Struggling with fever without pills

Greatly facilitate the wiping state diluted with water or vinegar vodka. Additionally, doctors recommend to drink, for example, useful are fruit drinks from a cranberry or a cranberry, tea with raspberries.

Fighting sore throat without tablets

If there is no sore throat, the sore throat, it helps to use rinse (baking soda, tincture of eucalyptus, calendula and also chamomile pharmacy). Will facilitate the condition and intensely warm drink (tea or water, which can add a little lemon juice, honey).

Struggling with a runny nose without drugs

Doctors recommend to rinse the nose with salt water. You can also hear the advice to drip in the nose onion juice, aloe juice.

Fights coughs without pills

Drink to relieve coughs, the recipe is handed down from generation to generation, is warm milk with honey and butter. Also worth remembering about the old, but no less effective mustard plasters, which are good warm up the chest for bronchitis. If you have banks and you know how to put them to work well.

Tone the body without pills

Well, to boost immunity and struggle with weakness is to increase the number of apples, oranges in the diet. Buy rosehip syrup or stock up on rosehips autumn and brew them together (or instead of) tea.

Attention! Remember that natural remedies can also cause allergies, not to provide the expected behaviour. Before the treatment consult an experienced doctor!

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