«Komplivit»: what are the benefits and how to take

«Komplivit» — known vitamin-mineral complex which was developed in the second half of the 20th century, however, and today he is successfully competing with advertised brands of vitamins.

"Компливит": в чем польза и как принимать

The «Complivit»

The «Complivit» includes vitamins of groups A, b, C as well as iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, cobalt. Such a rich composition, not only promotes rapid recovery of many diseases, «komplivit» recommended for many other problems, among which the increased fragility of the bones, problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems, vision… Also «komplivit» contributes to the solution of problems with the strength of the teeth, increased nervous excitability, strengthens blood vessels and makes them more elastic, etc.

Today released a few versions of «Complivit». Among them are not only classic, but also the drug for pregnant women and women in menopause, children, and also with additives aimed at using vision, the nervous system at high loads on it… There is even a «komplivit» with additives «beauty» — in the instructions promise a healthy body, vigor and also healthy and shiny nails and hair, but I suspect that this version is released just because in society there is a high demand for beauty-vitamins.

How to take a «komplivit»

If you want to take «komplivit» for the prevention of colds or for the recovery of the body after them, it will be enough one tablet a day for about a month. Also it is recommended to take this vitamin complex and after other serious diseases, together with the use of antibiotics.

After a month’s course «Complivit» take a break for about 4-6 months, then have another course of the drug. If you think your body needs more of this vitamin-mineral complex, is to consult with your doctor.

Does «Complivit» contraindications

Of course, like any drug, these multivitamins should not be taken by people with allergic reactions to components of the complex. Other contraindications doctors note.

If you are taking other drugs at the same time with the «Complivitum», be sure to consult your doctor!

Is it worth taking «komplivit»

I want to say that after I looked at the composition and tried with similar complexes of several price categories, I have not found a principal difference between such available «Complivitum» and complexes that are 10-20 times more expensive.

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