Propolis is a universal medicine that bees do

Such bee products as propolis, in my opinion undeservedly unpopular, because it is a very effective remedy for many serious health problems.

Прополис - универсальное лекарство, которое делают пчелы

Propolis looks like a thick sticky resinous substance with a distinctive smell and taste. It is used by bees to disinfect the cells of the honeycomb (before they will be placed eggs), foreign objects that bees are unable to extract from the hive. Another unique property of propolis is the ability to maintain their properties during storage at high temperature, boiling, when dissolved in alcohols.

In the composition of propolis the researchers found a large number of flavonoids, aromatic acids and their esters, as well as fatty acids, alcohols and their esters, essential oils, amino acids, minerals (all essential for good health), vitamins (including groups A, b, C, E, P), and sugar. That is why propolis is an effective measure for disease-causing microorganisms and can be safely applied in the notch antibacterial agents (for example, problems with the throat, digestive tract, lungs, in the treatment of wounds, including mucous, eczema). Propolis can be used for treatment both in dry form (to chew with angina, stomatitis, etc.) and the form of solutions (water, alcohol) for application or ingestion. Also available with propolis creams and even toothpaste.

I want to note that propolis can be easily found in tincture form at a very affordable price. It is well stored and can replace more costly means of similar effect.

Please notethat the propolis should be applied with caution in hypersensitive and in combination with other drugs. Be sure to ask about the possibility of taking propolis your doctor if take other medications!

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