How to increase male potency natural ways

Viagra and other drugs are not good for the body, so it is important to know how to increase male potency natural ways. Proper nutrition and lifestyle becomes the guarantee of success in sexual life men.

Можно повысить потенцию у мужчин естественными способами


1. You can increase male potency natural ways by establishing a daily nutritious diet. Many representatives of the stronger sex casual about food, taking insufficient amount of healthy and nutritious food. First of all, it is necessary to divide the daily diet for at least four meals with time intervals of 3-4 hours. Per meal should be consumed no less than 30-35 grams of protein, while trying to limit the amount of fatty and sugary foods. It is proteins contribute to the maintenance of the male body and libido in shape.

2. Include in the diet of particular foods that lead to improved potency. Most of them are pleasant to the taste. It’s dark chocolate, walnuts, asparagus, ginger, green peas, eggs and various dairy products, including cheese and fermented milk. Of course, overeating is not necessary and just take daily in small quantities. Of course, the instant effect would not follow, but after a month or two you will feel a surge of constant energy and desire to have sex.

3. Take vitamin-mineral complexes in a nutritional Supplement. Don’t focus on certain elements. As a rule, lack any of the vitamins in the body can lead to deterioration of General condition and decrease in potency, which is why thanks to complex can increase male potency natural ways. Don’t forget to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, can be in the form of salads and fresh juices.

4. Begin to play sports. A very effective way to increase the potency in men – bodybuilding: a uniform load on all muscle groups keep the body in good shape, improve circulation, and libido and, of course, help men to be stronger and fitter, get rid of complexes. If you’re active and team sports, such as athletics, football or swimming, avoid overloads. Excessive fatigue detrimental effect on potency.

5. Try to measure to work and relax. Long and tedious hours worsen mood, lead to the depletion of vitality, so it is important to find time for a long and active recreation in the form of walks and exercise. Do not forget that daily is important to sleep at least eight hours (some even need 1-2 hours more), and also to reject any bad habits.

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