How to get rid of cough folk and medical methods

To get rid of cough, you can use different people’s recipes and health advice.

рецепты от кашля

Share with you my experience in the treatment of cough.

1) Even our grandmothers recommended for the treatment of cough is to drink hot milk with honey and butter. The boiled milk must be mixed with a bit of butter until dissolved, add a tablespoon of honey. Drink daily three times a day a glass, it will soften the cough and facilitate expectoration from the lungs.

2) Actively have honey, propolis, raspberry jam, which restore the immune system and allow it to eventually get rid of the cough.

3) Radish with honey. Black radish is cut in half, in half cut out the middle, pour the honey and cover with the other part from the other half, insist night. Drink a teaspoon of tincture per day.

4) chamomile Tea has antiseptic properties and helps relieve the cough.

5) Inhalations with mineral water, honey-water and herbs to ease cough.

6) Inhalation of medicinal products («Ambrobene, Lasolvan») help to cure cough.

7) Good helps from cough syrup «Codelac».

8) Fir oil has antiseptic properties, it is possible to do inhalations with a drop of pine oil and water at the rate of 1 to 10.

9) Effervescent tablets «ATT», which dissolve in water, remove sputum from the lungs.

10) When severe and prolonged coughing is better not to self-medicate and seek help from a doctor, who diagnoses the cause of the cough and prescribe treatment.

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