How to recognize a tendency toward alcoholism

Alcoholism is rightly considered a disease. Like many other illnesses, it deprives people of ability to work, break his fate, that’s just sympathize with the alcoholics is much smaller than other patients. This disease person acquires voluntarily, and avoid it very easily.

Алкоголизм - печальный итог собственного легкомыслия

The best way to avoid alcoholism is not to drink alcohol at all. Their use is questionable and talking about it is not so much scientists, how many manufacturers. The trouble is that there’s always a lot of temptations: trying to persuade friends on someones birthday, colleagues at a corporate party… Many people have been able to set a «safe rule», but there are people who need the same absolute ban on alcohol, diabetics – for cakes and pastries. We are talking about potential alcoholics.

An alcoholic can be a person, whose bodies do not produce enough of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol. This biochemical feature is determined genetically, therefore, the first sign of the propensity to alcoholism – the presence of alcoholism among relatives, even distant. This feature is inherent to some peoples as a whole – in particular, the indigenous population of the far North. People with weak resistance to alcohol may become intoxicated from a small amount of alcohol is detected already at the first acquaintance with alcohol.

Have value and local gastronomic traditions. In some regions (for example, in the Kuban), there exists a custom of daily wine drinking – it served not only for lunch but also for dinner and even for Breakfast. Among the natives of the edges of such a genetic line of people who are prone to alcoholism, was stopped a long time ago. If the region moves people, whose homeland no such custom, therefore, no natural selection on this trait, it is a tradition to adopt is not worth it.

Propensity to alcoholism is determined by not only biochemical characteristics, but also psychological, and some of them appear already in early childhood. If the baby cries and long cries, waking up from a NAP, parents should try to educate him in the spirit of total rejection of alcohol. The same should be done if the child in weeks and months playing only the machines, and then permanently switches to the constructors and tile if interested it is quite a long one-the animated series, only draws his characters and prefers toys depicting characters of the series. This suggests that increasing energetic person, in adulthood he may get involved with alcohol, if time does not learn the idea that drinking is evil.

Some people have a passion for good wine, but love it. One likes the taste of wine, another psychological condition, in which it immerses the person. The second category of people can also be attributed to the risk group.

If a person finds even one of these signs, it would be useful to be an absolute teetotaler. To hesitate it is not necessary: taking care of your health is a reason for pride, not for shame.

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