How to lower uric acid in the blood

Excessive content of uric acid in the blood and its salts causes gout. Uric acid can turn into crystals with sharp edges, which are deposited in joints and tissues, causing severe paroxysmal pain. In some cases it is an acquired disease, but it happens, and hereditary predisposition. To reduce the amount of uric acid and urates, the doctor prescribes special medicine, but the most effective way is a diet that must be followed throughout life.

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You will need

  • analysis of blood from a vein;
  • -a visit to the doctor;
  • diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic diseases;
  • -a diet with limited content of purines;
  • -carrot juice;
  • -celery juice;
  • -decoction of oats;
  • -infusion of rose hips;
  • -decoction of cranberries;
  • -infusion of birch buds;
  • -flax seed.


1. Diagnosis of increased uric acid is carried out by analyzing blood from a vein. In some cases, the doctor will perform a sampling analysis of synovial fluid with a needle. Content when viewed under a microscope to make an accurate analysis of gout.

2. The most frequent gout attacks happen at night — due to lower metabolic and additional acidification of the blood.

3. If the increase of uric acid in the blood is diagnosed, in addition to the classic treatment prescribed medical diet that have to follow throughout life, since the disease is chronic and incurable.

4. From the diet is necessary to clean the meat broths. Meat you can use low-fat varieties, boiled form and not more than 3 times a week. Fatty meals, it is better excluded from the diet. You should also refrain from fried, smoked, pickled foods, limit to a minimum the amount of salt and increase the amount of liquid. Help flush uric acid alkaline mineral water. From alcoholic beverages can be consumed only vodka in limited quantities.

5. The doctor may recommend physiotherapy and plazmoferez, which for some time will cleanse the blood of excess uric acid and its salts.

6. Additionally, you need to get rid of all comorbidities to minimize the weight, a diagnosis of diabetes and atherosclerosis, which are satellites of gout.

7. If you do not follow all recommendations of your doctor and do not adhere to the prescribed diet may be a kidney damage and disruption, which additionally will increase uric acid in the blood and aggravate gout attacks.

8. In any case can not starve, it can contribute to increased uric acid to its highest level. Meals should be frequent and fractional. Your doctor may recommend you stick to the diet No. 6 and No. 6-e with a low content of purines, and to arrange fasting days in milk, yogurt, vegetables or fruits.

9. Alternatively, you can use traditional methods of reducing the formation of uric acid and its excretion. These include drinking a mixture of carrot and celery juice, decoction of oats, flax seed, tincture of birch buds, rose hips, decoction of cranberries. In General, all tools that help to speed up the metabolism and have diuretic action.

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