How to treat elevated bilirubin

The level of bilirubin in the blood, the rate of which exceeds 17,1 µmol/l is considered pathological and negatively affects health. Increased bilirubin is associated with liver disease. Symptoms are nausea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, itching, yellowness of the skin and mucous membranes. To treat high levels of bilirubin, above all, should take measures for unloading the liver.

Как лечить повышенный билирубин

You will need

  • — tincture of aralia;
  • — tincture of a ginseng;
  • — tincture of Magnolia-vine;
  • — extract Rhaponticum;
  • — a decoction of rose hips;
  • — a decoction of corn stigmas.


1. Follow a strict diet. Avoid all fatty, spicy, fried. It is strictly forbidden alcohol. In any case when excessive bilirubin can not eat pickles, pickles. Limit your intake of salt. Eat often, but small portions. White bread replace gray, consume food cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, but not wheat. Fill cereal nothing. Drink any fruit drinks and fruit drinks, in addition to cranberry. Coffee is strictly prohibited, limit the use of tea.

2. By a doctor, take medications to maintain liver function, such as «Cars», «ЛИВ52», «Essentiale Forte», milk Thistle extract.

3. To reduce bilirubin also take from 0.05 to 0.2 grams «Fenobarbital» and «Sexarena» per day. The duration of intake of these drugs is 14-28 days. Medication to negotiate better with your doctor.

4. Take enzyme preparations: «Festal», «Mezim», «Pancreatin». Their drink 1-2 tablets a few minutes before meals, during meals or after three times a day.

5. Also when diagnosing problems with the flow of bile are assigned to drugs such as tincture aralii, a ginseng, lemongrass, leuzea extract. It is recommended to drink a decoction of rose hips, corn silk.

6. Patients suffering from dyskinesia of the biliary tract with lithiasis, it is recommended to take the drug «Ursosan», which has the property of outputting medium-sized stones from the bile ducts. Before you buy medication, consult your doctor who will determine whether there are no contraindications for its use, will calculate the right dosage.

7. Treatment of biliary dyskinesia should be under strict medical supervision. When no effect of treatment listed above, and by means of currents in acute illness, surgical intervention.

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