How to choose a kitchen sink

To choose a sink for the kitchen today is very difficult, as modern industry offers a lot of options for this product. Looking for sinks of different shapes and sizes, made of metal, stone, other materials, doesn’t want to dwell on their consumer properties. And for good reason. Let’s think about what the sink will be practical.

Как выбрать удобную кухонную мойку

To select the most convenient car wash, let’s divide all the washers on the species.

By construction, thesink can be suspended and embedded (embedded in the countertop or invoice — installed in a special Cabinet). The most economical option — suspended sink, but if you purchased a beautiful kitchen set, it will stand out from the overall composition.

The size ofthe shell can be classic (one bowl with no add-ons), double bowl (equal or different sizes). Clearly, for a close fit classic kitchen sink, but for a spacious kitchen in which to prepare meals will be in a big family, you should choose a sink with two bowls full. It is also convenient to use the sink with two bowls for washing fruit and vegetables, defrost products.

Formmodern industry offers us various shell — easy to find round, square, rectangular, triangular, polygonal. The latter are intended for installation in a corner Cabinet and can also be with one and two bowls, extra surfaces. Also pay attention to washing with the so-called wing. This additional surface much easier to clean than the countertop. On the wing you can place a hot pot, also there easier to defrost because the wing design provides for the discharge of liquid into the sink.

The most popular materialfor the manufacture of kitchen sinks — thin steel sheets (of which you are familiar to our sight shiny metal or white enamelled sink). The price of this sink is quite affordable, but it will last a long time and can look great, if you treat her gently. More expensive option — Polyresin (what is this material and what advantages it has I described earlier). Shell made of Polyresin can be made in different colors, which gives more freedom to the designer kitchen, however the price of these sinks is much higher. Sinks made of other materials can also be found, but their price will be even higher.

So, it turns out that the most economical option — suspended or invoice sink stainless steel one bowl (with wing or without). This option makes sense to choose, if you are only changing the shell, but do not acquire new furniture set. Not much different in price inset single sink (its better to buy that kitchen looked as a single ensemble or if you need to install the sink in the corner of the room). And here is a very important and appearance, the shell of colored Polyresin complex shape, additional bowls and surfaces will be the best choice.

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