Tip 1: How to clean iron at home

Very often the sole of the iron formed an unpleasant residue that is difficult to clean and which prevents stroke. A similar problem arises from the fact that you are neglecting the temperature regime, which recommends the manufacturer. Remember that for silk and synthetics do not need to heat the iron too much, and woolen things are best ironed with a hot iron through gauze soaked in water. If you faced the task to clean iron from scale, it is possible to clean the iron in several ways.

Как почистить утюг в домашних условиях

You will need

  • water, rags, salt, vinegar, detergent Morh, soda, sponge


1. One of the modern methods that will help you cope with this task, is a special pencil that is designed to clean the soleplate from scale. You can buy it at the hardware store. To use it easily and conveniently. Heat up the iron, RUB the sole with a pencil and wait a contamination on the surface will start to melt. Then wipe the soleplate with a dry cloth and let the iron cool down. Then rinse it with clean water to wash off any residual chemical reaction from the surface of the sole. Upon contact of the pencil and a hot iron formed a sharp unpleasant smell — the evaporation of ammonia. Try to follow safety rules, don’t forget to wash your hands after you finish working.

2. To clean an iron, you can use the old method. Sprinkle on the newspaper big hill salt fine grind and slide the iron, as if stroked. Try to press harder on the iron, that the salt was squeezed out from under the soles, and the iron touched the paper. You will see that the newspaper and the salt will be dark — so the iron is brushed. If the dirt on the iron descended not all, then heat it again and repeat all over again. This method will help you to clean the iron thoroughly. After the iron has cooled, wipe the soles with a damp cloth, then dry.

3. Another simple way to help you clean the iron. Grab a soda, dilute it with a small amount of detergent to form a paste and apply with a sponge on the soleplate. Try to RUB the surface intensively and long lasting. Then leave the iron for a while so that the sole is imbued with this composition, only after this, wash the iron with water and wipe with a dry cloth. When you clean an iron in a similar way to heat it is not necessary.

4. There is another popular method to clean an iron is to use vinegar. When nothing at home, you can use this method. Take a rough cloth (an old towel), soak it with vinegar and RUB the composition into the surface of the sole. If you fail to clean the iron first, then repeat once. The vinegar fizzles quickly, so soak the cloth often as possible. After you clean the sole plate of the iron, heat it and iron it on the cloth unnecessary. Now your iron will be clean.

5. If the surface of the iron forms rust, so you fill it with cold water from the tap, but this should not be done. Use only distilled water, due to its chemical properties it forms limescale inside the iron. To get rid of the rust, fill the iron with water descaler (half a teaspoon per Cup of water), heat the iron and let it stand for 20 or 30 minutes so that the scum behind, and then rinse it. Now I can safely use an iron and not be afraid that linen will appear rusty spots.

6. Many Housewives, to get rid of rust, use a cleanser Morh. This is done so. Warm iron, turn it sole up and apply the product directly into the holes. Wait for 5-10 minutes and you will see how the dirt will go out the soles. Collect the dirt with a sponge, carefully select it from the holes in the soles, and then rinse with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth. Now can iron perfectly pure iron.

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