Tip 1: How to grow peaches from seeds.

If you were treated to a delicious peach, and you have a piece of land, we can try to independently grow a bone tree. In technology of cultivation of a peach tree is no big deal, just need to have patience and follow simple instructions.

Как вырастить персик из косточки


1. First of all, make sure that the place where you want to grow peach, is closed from the cold and strong winds space with enough sunlight.

2. From the fruit of the peach to separate the seeds and soak them in water for a few days. Water in which soaked to the bone, be sure to change twice a day.

3. After the bones have soaked in the water for the allotted time, they must be dried thoroughly, this is best done in the shade of a tree, that they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Next, completely dry bones you need to open to extract the seed. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the delicate inner part. Put the bone on the edge and a few strokes gently split with a hammer. Thus obtained seeds of peaches should be stored in a cool, dry place.

5. To sow the seeds of peaches should fall, in October or November in the open ground. They are planted to a depth of approximately 5 cm, and the distance in the row between the landing shall be not less than 10 cm is Not recommended to sow the seeds of peach in close proximity to other fruiting trees, they must divide the distance of 3-4 meters. As practice shows, the close proximity of trees with the most negative impact on the seedlings of peach.

6. To grow peaches from seeds is not difficult, it is only necessary to protect it from pests. Use different drugs that will keep the young plant from harmful insects. The peach is quite unpretentious and does not require large amounts of organic fertilisers or additional irrigation. If you want to transplant a young tree in another place, this is best done in September or October.

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