How to get rid of earth fleas

Earth fleas often appear in older homes and apartments. They can get into the dwelling from the cellars and entrances, or to cross from the neighbors. It should be remembered that earth fleas can be carriers of various dangerous diseases. Therefore, combating them is a very important task.

Как избавиться от земляных блох

You will need

  • bucket;
  • — rags;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • — rubber gloves;
  • — aerosol insecticide;
  • — gauze bandage


1. Select insecticide. Carefully study its composition. Note that organochlorine compounds can accumulate in the tissues of plants, animals and humans that can cause intoxication of the organism.
Carbonates and organophosphate compounds are also quite toxic, despite their widespread use in everyday life.
The least toxic and harmful to humans it is considered the pyrethroids and pyrethrum.

2. Carefully slide the wet cleaning of the apartment. Wipe the radiators, Windows and window sills, furniture and baseboards. Wash the floor.

3. Vacuum carpets, rugs, sofas and other soft furniture. With vacuum cleaner easy to remove eggs, fleas pending excavation in the pile surfaces. You must also thoroughly vacuum the wall. The height of the walls of the vacuum should not be less than five feet from floor level. It is at such a high can fleas jump.

4. Thoroughly wash in hot water stuffed toys, Slippers, underwear. Shake out and wash the shoes.

5. Emboss and dry in the sun for two days pillows and blankets.

6. Close the dishes on the processing time of plastic bags. Remove from the premises of animals and plants.

7. Put a gauze bandage and rubber gloves. Thoroughly clean the chosen means of all the rooms, paying special attention to baseboards, cracks, Wallpapers and space for furniture.

8. Close the room and leave it for 3 hours.

9. Air the room. Wipe tables and furniture, wash the dishes. Wash floors and walls is not recommended, at least for 4-5 days. Vacuum the upholstered furniture you in 2-3 days.

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