How to whiten whites

Often, white shirts, pants or t-shirts after a few washings become slightly grayish or yellow, losing their dazzling whiteness. How to whiten white stuff to return to its original style, and it does not spoil the fabric?

Как отбелить белые вещи


1. For white stuff after washing remained the same white, it is necessary first, to wash them separately from colored and bright things. In addition, items of linen and cotton should be washed separately from wool or synthetic materials – in this case, after washing they will not deteriorate. When washing in a washing machine you can add to your normal washing powder powder bleach («detergent booster») or add to the Department for pre-washing a little bit of liquid bleach. Now comes a number of bleaches that can be used when washing in automatic machines is specifically indicated on the packaging.

2. If you are wary of using whitening things the bleachers – you can use the «grandmother’s means». However, it is not advised to use the most rigid «the method of the grandmother» — the boiling with the addition of «White» (this will cause the fabric will grow old very quickly). There are more gentle ways.

3. Add in a bucket of hot water a little potassium permanganate (the water was a little pinkish) and about 200 grams of washing powder, put the already washed clothes, cover with plastic and wait until the water completely cools down. After that, things needs to wash.

4. Can be bleached white stuff and with the help of hydrogen peroxide. To do this in 2 liters of warm water add one teaspoon of three-percent peroxide, you can also pour a little baking soda and put lingerie or clothing for 15-20 minutes. For uniform whitening items should from time to time to stir.

5. White stuff cotton or linen can be bleached, soaking before washing for several hours in water with addition of ammonia (it softens the water and prevents yellowing of linen). If things are very dirty – you can add in the water a couple of tablespoons of turpentine.

6. To whiten the lace or tulle in a bucket with hot water, add two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and a spoonful of ammonia. Dip things into the solution for 20-30 minutes, then wash.

7. If you want to bring back the original whiteness of clothes made of natural cotton or wool that has been washed things down in a bucket of warm (about 40 degrees) water to which was added a handful of salt, a bit of washing powder, 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and spoon of liquid ammonia.

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