How to make flat iron curls for short to medium hair

Regular straighteners can create elegant waves, classic curls, small curls on hair of any length. A Perm does not take much time, and various ways of styling curlers are not inferior to multiple nakagami. To know how to make flat iron curls correctly, you must follow a few simple steps. After the technology a couple of times, you will make the process of creating hairstyles comfortable, and the result is relevant to expectations.

a moisturizing mask for hair, dry, comb well. To avoid damage to the structure or drying the ends, use a heat-protective agent. Device for hair that will help curl them, should be heated to the maximum temperature. At hand, you must have the styling spray, the varnish of strong fixing, nourishing oil massage hairbrush. Optionally necesite comb at the roots, giving volume. The thinner the strand the tighter the curl, the larger the streak the more waves.


We turn now to the process how to make classic curls utjuzhkom:

  • take strands of the required thickness;
  • sprinkle them with a spray or smear with wax for styling;
  • direct wind the strands on the iron, using tongs;
  • rotate the device one turn in the direction of the face, swipe the entire length (the slower you do it, the tighter the curl);
  • paving result fix varnish in all directions, whipping his hands;
  • brush the fingers with a moisturizing oil or massaquoi to give more light and natural look;
  • leave your hair loose or gather into a ponytail/sloppy bun.

How to make curls with flat iron at home? It’s simple: tune in, to wash my hair, watch the video and begin this task. Short curls will require skill, but will give long the chance to become a fairy Princess or a Hollywood beauty. Modern images of women are so diverse that it’s easy to imagine yourself an Oriental beauty or lady-vamp, creating a corresponding curly styling. What length are you interested in – average, short, long? Watch and become a stylist right at home!

For medium hair

For long hair

For short hair


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