Purulent angina: the treatment of children and adults quickly at home

The scientific name of this disease is tonsillitis. This diagnosis in acute inflammation of the tissues of the tonsils. Usually, the infection enters the human organism through airborne droplets. Less frequent contact-household and nutritional mechanisms of transmission of the disease. If a person develops an acute purulent tonsillitis, the treatment should not be delayed under any circumstances. Ignoring the symptoms will lead to very bad consequences. Learn how to deal with tonsillitis, to the fall and spring of the epidemic did not catch you by surprise.

furatsilina etc.). If the disease is accompanied by inflammation of the throat, in the treatment regimen include Lugol.

throat sprays («Orasept», «Ingalipt») and fever (if fever). Compresses without prescription is not recommended as it can cause serious complications.

immunomodulatory means. The most common ones are listed below:

  • «Betaleukin»;
  • «Taktivina»;
  • «Timalin»;
  • «Interferon».

Effective folk remedies for the treatment at home

If you are deprived of the opportunity to consult specialists, to overcome tonsillitis purulent will help grandma’s recipes. Treatment of angina at home using folk remedies will require patience and extreme care, however, there is nothing impossible. Write down the most effective methods:

  • Rinsing with a tincture of propolis. Effective remedy that will help to numb the throat and inflamed tonsils. To prepare this remedy, you’ll need to 15-17 grams of propolis and 80-85 ml of alcohol. Connect the components and mix until a homogeneous mass. Then allow to stand for 24-36 hours. For pain relief on the palate and in the throat purulent tonsillitis should put some tincture of inflamed areas of the pharynx. To make it easier, you can make this tincture spray. Pour a folk remedy in the empty bottle from ingalipt or hlorofillipt, and no longer have to smear the throat with cotton sticks.
  • Gargling with a solution of Apple cider vinegar. Simple remedy will help get rid of symptoms of tonsillitis or even to defeat him at the initial stage. Take a glass of boiled water (200 ml), add 35 ml of Apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of iodine. When signs of purulent tonsillitis treatment should be as follows: 120 ml are used to rinse the throat, and the remaining 80 ml of drink. Do this procedure before going to sleep, and the next day you feel relief. To eat after throat rinsing is not necessary.

  • Gargling tincture from beets. A natural remedy that can cure the festering sore throat in a child or a woman during pregnancy without harm. With the regular graters make the red beet pulp, fill it with boiling water in a 1:1 ratio, cover and let sit 6-8 hours. Gargle with this infusion, every half to two hours, and in a day of dangerous contagious disease will retreat. In some cases, the treatment can last up to three days. People with the diagnosis «chronic tonsillitis» is a folk remedy, like all others, is unlikely to help.
  • Lemon. A simple method, which neutralize ulcers at the initial stage of tonsillitis. Connoisseurs of popular recipes tell how to treat a festering sore throat at home: skip the lemon through the juicer, remove the seeds and slowly drink some juice. It will not be easy, however, for the sake of salvation from the threat of disease will have to wait. Consume this drink 2 times a day, and will likely be able to stop the development of purulent tonsillitis.
  • Inhalations with propolis. If you suspect you are the festering sore throat treatment bee glue will help to eliminate the risk. Boil a liter of water, add a tablespoon of tincture of propolis, bend over the vessel with hot medication and covered with a towel, breathe deeply for 2-3 minutes. Try to sometimes hold my breath to the useful minerals contained in propolis, could be transmitted to the inner tissues of the lungs. Five sessions will be enough to defeat purulent tonsillitis at an early stage.

Than to treat festering sore throats in children

When the child develops purulent tonsillitis, the treatment should start as promptly as possible. If the cause of the disease lies in hypothermia, it is necessary to measure hourly temperature and if it will be increased to 37.5 or more, to give antipyretic. To cope with the infection at the initial stage will help the throat sprays («Ingalipt», «Chlorophillipt»). If within 48-60 hours, the status is not normal, immediately go to the hospital. In the following video Dr. Komorowski gives valuable advices with photos and video illustrations.

How to avoid complications after sore throat

If you are diagnosed with festering sore throat antibiotic treatment and of folk remedies will help to correct the condition, but after 2-3 weeks after complete recovery, the disease may return. To avoid this, perform a simple procedure after the end of therapy:

  • continue to gargle antibacterial agents;
  • drink the pills prescribed by the doctor, to the very end, even if the state is already normalized;
  • after recovery to avoid the risk of reinfestation: avoid ice-cream, drink cold water, go out only with a low level of humidity.

Prevention of tonsillitis

If you’ve read this far, you already understand how to treat tonsillitis in children and adults, but it would be even better if you can learn to avoid Contracting this insidious disease. So you don’t have to deal with purulent tonsillitis, avoid drafts and prolonged hypothermia. Train your body and strengthen the immune system healthy food that contains vitamins. If possible do some outdoor sports.

Overview of drugs used for tonsillitis

Viewing the video below, you will receive General information about medications such as Augmentin, streptocid, ampicillin, penicillin, furatsilin etc. This information will help you to understand how to quickly cure the festering sore throat. Listen carefully to the recommendations and cautions professionals not to harm your health.


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