How to calculate Wallpaper room: the amount of liquid and roll

Before starting repairs is determined, how much material for the finishing work. Given the simplicity of the task not everyone is able to properly determine their need. How to calculate Wallpaper in the room which could result in excess materials that are discarded will be put in landfills, and the money will be thrown to waste. Learn the secrets of experienced craftsmen, you can easily determine how many packs you need for your bedroom.

of liquid Wallpaper is stated what the footage you have one bag, the standard is 5 meters will Do the approximate calculation:

  • 2 wall width of 3 m;
  • 2 surface width 4 m;
  • wall height – 3 m;
  • do a simple mathematical calculation: 2+(3*4)+2+(3*3) = 42 sq. m.;
  • from the resulting area, subtract the size of door and window opening and divide by 5;
  • the resulting value will round to a whole number, and you will receive the necessary amount of liquid fiber. If you decide to repair things on their own, then such material should buy two more: because of the unprofessional application of the flow increases.

Video: how to calculate how much Wallpaper

This video below will be very informative not only for beginners repairmen, but also to experienced masters. Workers in their daily work are faced with the calculation of materials using the records on a sheet of paper. Recently programmers have facilitated this work and provided the ability to automatically determine the number of construction raw materials. From the video, you will learn how to calculate the area of a room. The programmer step by step will show you all the benefits of this service. Looking at the video, you will learn how to calculate the number of rolls of Wallpaper for bathroom is easier and faster than the usual way.


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