Ovarian cyst treatment without surgery endometrial disease

The tumor formed on the «female» body, called the ovarian cyst. It is difficult to discover independently because of the lack of symptoms at early stages. To identify the availability of education is possible only by ultrasound examination. The cysts different both in composition and in size. To run the disease is not necessary. Hope that the cyst will resolve by itself, is meaningless. Timely help help rid of the disease without consequences and complications.

mastopathy, diseases of the ovaries. The specific dose prescribed by a doctor and depend on the stage and type of tumor. For the treatment of this disease used the following drugs in this group:

  1. Berberis. If the disease is complicated pain stabbing character, is assigned to this drug.
  2. APIs. Can be used during pregnancy. Very good for polycystic. Normalizes the function of the ovaries.
  3. Aurum IOD. Indicated for use in the presence of concomitant diseases such as uterine fibroids and atherosclerosis.

Folk remedies

Traditional methods used to treat functional cysts. These recipes would be able to replace drug therapy or be used in conjunction with it. Known traditional methods of treatment of ovarian cysts:

  1. Soda. The morning dilute 1 tsp in a glass of water, drink. Taken daily throughout the month.
  2. Walnut. Make the broth: 4 tbsp. walnut walls poured three cups of boiling water and left on the stove for 20 min. Applies 0,5 Cup 3 times a day. This tool copes with hormonal imbalance.
  3. Herbs have a therapeutic effect upland uterus, celandine, burdock, aloe. The last two make the juice and taken orally. The rest are used in the form of decoctions and infusions.

Video: 10 ways to treat cyst on ovary herbs

Some plants have numerous therapeutic properties. Therapy herbs in some cases is more effective and safer drug therapy. In the video you will be able to find information about what is the ovarian cyst: its treatment without surgery, the use of traditional recipes, the duration and dosage. Detailed instructions will help to prepare the medicine at home correctly.

Feedback on the results

Maria, 22 years: After a missed abortion has formed a cyst. Doctor prescribed examined. After treatment went for second ultrasound. I was glad that after a month the cyst was gone. I was very worried and afraid that will have to operate, but nothing happened. The drug works and side effects when taking not have noticed.

Svetlana, 26 years: Appointed Rigevidon for treatment of a cyst on the ovary. It’s just awful. Monthly went 16 days without stopping. The doctor advised me to increase the dose. This led to the fact that the breast has become rock hard. Thought will cancel or will prescribe another drug, but not – immediately appointed a third pack. In the end, had to drink it more than three months in a row. My verdict: possible and helps, but the course is terrible.

Galina, 29 years: a Few years ago, faced with endometriotic cyst. To get rid of it I helped my grandmother. On her advice by drinking juice of burdock. Well, that was summer, and in the village to find it was not difficult. Took it for a month. The symptoms all disappeared (and was in horrible pain and bleeding), and I went for an ultrasound. The doctors could not believe that I was cured by burdock.


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