MRI with contrast for the diagnosis of brain and pituitary

This technology is research different from ordinary magnetic resonance imaging so that during the scanning of the human body changes the contrast of some soft tissue in relation to others. In the patient’s blood is injected with special chemicals that react accordingly to irradiation. MRI with contrast, show the studied fabrics in different color shades that provides professionals the opportunity to more accurately determine the presence or absence of suspected disease. How to perform the procedure and what it does?

diffuse form of sclerosis. A study of magnetic resonance tomography is required to determine the tactics of treatment.



  • claustrophobia.
  • Reviews

    Victoria, 27 years: the Month suffered from unbearable headaches and listened to «compliments» others about the forgetfulness, which never happened. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said that he needed a magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast agent is iodine-based. The survey showed the initial stage of multiple sclerosis. I was prescribed medication, and now I feel much better.

    Victor, 34 years: Recently near Moscow got in an accident. Slightly hit her head, but nothing happened. At least, so it seemed the first 2 days. On the third day began to harass terrible pain in my head. The doctor, having examined me, sent me for MRI with contrast of the brain. The study showed that the skull still hurt. Fortunately, I just turned. Now being treated and feel better already. A month ago I didn’t know what is MRI, and now this phone saved my life!

    Valeria, 31 years: last month I had surgery to remove the tumor in the frontal lobe of the brain. Yesterday went to control study. I appointed a special contrast agent for brain MRI. The study showed that all went well, and I have no reason for concern. As well, modern medicine has this wonderful magnetic resonance imaging! Without him, I would even diagnosed’t know…


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