Ointment from depriving a person: than cure and pink color

Rash, scaly patches, nodules, scabs, inflamed blisters, disgusting sores, ulcers. So look at photo skin diseases with a common name and different reasons. In a number of pathogens depriving zooanthroponosis, anthropophilia, geophilidae microscopic fungi, viruses. Decreased immunity, internal functional disturbances to them are conducive factors. To recover from this scourge will help the ointment from depriving a person. Important: but when pink pityriasis and other types of non-infectious pharmacological this drug does not apply.

How to cure ringworm in humans at home? The first thing to consult a doctor. Amateur and adolecente depriving fraught with a chronic form with periodic exacerbations. Drugs topical application (ointments) are considered an effective method of treatment of depriving a person at home. The dosage, frequency of use, other recommendations detailed in the instructions to creams.

Than to smear ringworm in humans?

  1. «Miconazole» – has antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties broad-spectrum. Ointment destroys pathogenic microorganisms, causing their mutation.
  2. «Mikozoral» – has mycocide action inhibits the biosynthesis in the membrane of the fungus. It is a good product as an ointment against tinea versicolor.
  3. «Mikoseptin» – suppresses the fungus in ringworm. The zinc salt of undecylenic acid in the ointment soothes irritated skin, which quickly regenerates after Stripping.
  4. «Clotrimazole» – recommended for strigosum and color herpes, destroys the microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying.
  5. «Acyclovir» is an anti – virus tool blocking the synthesis of virus DNA in herpes zoster.
  6. Tebrofenovuyu ointment – has antiviral activity. The ointment is used in therapy of herpes zoster and lichen planus.
  7. Sulfur ointment is used for scabies and as an antifungal agent. Is a good antiseptic, but toxic, requires accurate dosing. The ointment is recommended for evening treatment of ringworm plaques (in the morning, they applied to the aqueous solution of iodine).
  8. Natural ointment combinations with sulphur, iodine, tar, salicylic acid are popular with pediatricians prescribing the treatment of lichen had children at home.
  9. Yam ointment is used in veterinary medicine, but heal the people, and with weeping shingles. It has antiseptic, anti-acid action, labotanica.


Immunostimulants, vitamins. Allowed to wash only in running water. Will have to do without coffee, tea, alcohol, citrus, eggs, chocolate, red fruits, nuts, spices, canned and smoked products. Why does this have to do – learn from the video below.

Reviews about the treatment of lichen ointments

Ilona, age 32

Last summer in the garden with me about who you rubbed the cat unsympathetic. After some time, found on his head unpleasant «symptom» – the redness with brittle hair. Quickly ran to the doctor. The treatment of depriving a person at home was simple. Prescribed «Clotrimazole», even made packs of cranberry juice. The spot soon passed.

Maria, 28 years old

At work we were downsizing, I’ve experienced a lot of stress. Once I saw on his body a rash, the next day it was already pink spots. Decided that the pityriasis. But I was wrong. The dermatologist said it was tinea versicolor. Recovered quickly – ointment «Mikozoral». Has complied with all recommendations to a chronic not become.

Galina, 45 years old

Back in the fall to have watery blisters. Lichen never before seen. From the clothes the skin is rubbed, it hurt to walk. I went to the doctor, she prescribed «Acyclovir» – antiviral ointment for depriving people. To cure the disease failed in 3 weeks.


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