Types of depriving a person and the first signs of the disease

Ringworm refers to skin diseases, which occur very often. Unpleasant moment, agree? Inflamed lesions small rash or constant itching feeling is not only uncomfortable but also unattractive. Symptoms and types of depriving a person of a variety. The classification allows to identify accurately the type of disease and apply effective treatments to eliminate itchy spots. Looks like ringworm on the human body, what are the features of each type and what areas of the body affected more often than others?

chickenpox. Be subjected can deprive surrounding people who have already had chickenpox. The virus is stored in the human body, significantly reducing the immunity to all diseases. If a person does not had chicken pox, from a person with shingles can become infected, additionally, chickenpox.

The symptoms of herpes zoster in humans:

  • rising gradually to a high temperature marks;
  • chills;
  • nausea;
  • itching;
  • the appearance of small vesicles containing transparent liquid;
  • the asymmetric location of the lesions;
  • red background color Stripping;
  • the bubbles a few days later burst and crusted;
  • vulnerable area – the spaces between the ribs;
  • complications: eye involvement and sudden vision loss, including blindness.

increased sweating. How does zoster:

  • small scaly patches;
  • the uneven edge areas;
  • after a while the plots merge into a single spot yellow, pink or brownish color;
  • itching is absent.

the treatment of psoriasis apply medications (injections, solutions for infusions, tablets) that reduce and eliminate symptoms of the disease but not the disease itself. At the moment the disease is recognized as incurable. Common symptoms of the scaly form of depriving a person:

  • redness on the skin of certain areas of different diameters;
  • the emergence of specific formations with liquid on red skin areas;
  • severe itching of the lesions;
  • violation of the skin: cracking, bleeding wounds.

Cracking deprive the affected areas of the skin faces entering various infections, because in this condition needs urgent intensive treatment. The man, who had to deal with psoriasis, we need to protect ourselves from stress, nervous conditions, strengthen the immune system and to protect the skin from the effects of harmful substances. For women who are attacked versicolor, you should pay attention to the means used, they must not provoke the appearance of ugly spots on the skin again.

Video: how to protect yourself from depriving

Preventive measures is the protection of yourself and your body from the harmful effects of the environment. Medicine differentiates between several types of depriving a person, which should be prevented. How dangerous is ringworm? It is uncomfortable, unsightly appearance and the inclusion of repeated infections. Videoconsultation below will help you to understand the aspects of proper prevention lichen. Question especially concerns parents who wish to protect their children. To avoid the problem with ringworm is easier than to solve it, so take all measures into account. The safety of your skin and organism in your hands!

Looks like ringworm in humans photos

Red large affected areas, small rash nodules with liquid, the main centers with the additional entity near to this lichen. Depending on the different varieties:

  • spot shape (round, irregular);
  • the edge plots ( pronounced, asymmetrical);
  • color (yellow, red, white, pink, yellow, brown and purple shades);
  • the center of the spot (red, white, scaly, with bubbles);
  • the structure of the affected skin (scaly, smooth, bubble);
  • bulge spots.


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