Green coffee for weight loss: how to drink water mixed with ginger and tablets

In pursuit of beauty and harmony women are sometimes willing to go to great lengths, but most importantly, to avoid injury. One of the safest options of the Transfiguration is such a known method as to take green coffee for weight loss. It is not dangerous for the body, acts gently, does not require strict diets and grueling workouts, so was so popular among women. If you add in ready to drink citrus fruits or spices, the procedure becomes fun. So, due to what property of the product reduces the weight?

proteins, beneficial organic acids, essential oils and other substances, and also the brew has a seductive aroma. Terpenes have on the body antiseptic effect, the Tocopherols with caffeine tone. The trace elements present in the composition in a complex affect the different body systems. Benefits of green coffee for weight loss is related to its rich chemical composition.

For the formation of the taste of the coffee beverage meet the following substances: kafeel, trigonellin. In addition, these components provide the duration of storage of grains. To overestimate the benefits of this product difficult, because it also contains many fatty acids (linoleic, arachidonic, behenic, stearic, palmitic). After roasting green coffee beans lose the majority of useful components.

Action spectrum of green coffee:

  1. It is believed that the product has the ability to burn calories to stabilize the weight. This is due to the content in the green beans chlorogenic acid. Its use improves metabolism. Besides, drink of green coffee creates the illusion of saturation.
  2. Purine acid with tannins that are included in the chemical composition of green coffee beans, in the aggregate, beneficially affect the brain and physical activity of the person. Additionally they relieve a headache, activate the lymphatic drainage process, stabilize the nervous system.
  3. Us scientists following recent research green coffee say about his ability to fight with diabetes, all this because of chlorogenic acid, which breaks down sugar.


to improve immunity through vitamin C in its composition. The variety of flavors gives pleasure to the palate.


The effect of extract based on the chlorogenic acid, which is beans until they are roasted. The ability to expend pent by the body fats is one of the properties of CGC, and as a result decreases weight of the body, simultaneously burn the calories entering the body. Caffeine enhances the action, activating the internal organs, blood circulation. By regular consumption of green coffee extract safe for the body even weight loss.

Tablets and capsules

In Russia, diet pills with green coffee produces a well-known company Evalar. According to the instructions they are recommended to be taken twice a day one capsule. One pack contains a one month course (60 tablets). Allowed to consume the drug from one to three months. The advantage of tablets is their relative low cost and ease of use.

How to make green coffee with ginger

In addition to natural grains, tablets and powder extract meets green coffee slimming with ginger, packaged in portions. Nutritionists confirm the effect of adoption, if you Supplement the course of physical activity, and diet to not include junk food. But not everyone knows how to prepare an effective and tasty means with this powder. There are many ways to prepare a delicious and nutritious drink for weight loss.

Prescription green coffee with ginger for weight loss:

  1. Take one packet of dry mix, poured into a glass.
  2. Pour hot but not boiling water.
  3. Add some honey and lemon juice in green coffee.
  4. Mix, leave for a few minutes, then drink.

Contraindications to the use of

Each method of weight loss has its contraindications, side effects. Before you order green coffee and start to drink, it is recommended to consult a specialist. For example, pregnant women, children under 16 years of age, people with problems of the cardiovascular system and for those who have an Allergy to the components, the product is contraindicated. In addition, it causes dehydration and insomnia, so no need to abuse it.

Reviews about the weight-loss results

Victoria, 32 years:

After the birth of a child has not been able to get in shape and one day decided to order the product Abrecafe. To look coffee beans differ only greenish-beige shade. I brewed it with milk and honey in a mug of hot water, very pleasant and aromatic beverage. Used in the morning and sometimes during the day. The result was surprised by the effect: minus one and a half kg per week!

INES, 27 years:

Constantly trying new ways to lose weight, including the popular green coffee. I ordered the ground bags with the addition of ginger. The taste is disgusting, not to add anything (sugar or cream). Saw about two weeks, noticed absolutely no change in the body when weighed in and saw the result: only 0.8 kg. it is Unclear why this need to drink, if it taste good and effect a little?

Marina, 38 years:

Once at work I began to make unpleasant comments about my obesity, I am seriously puzzled by losing weight. How to lose weight using green coffee, I didn’t know, so I decided to try the pills Tropicana with its extract. The price are affordable (in comparison with analogues). Saw about a month on the capsule at Breakfast and lunch, lost as much as 6 lbs. For me the result is simply stunning!


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