Coffee diet for 7 days for easy and quick weight loss

Every woman thinks about how to make its shape approximate to the ideal. Gyms, yoga, fitness, diet. Choosing the most convenient method, people try not to change your lifestyle and get the most noticeable results. One of these is the coffee diet. Losing weight with the help of coffee is gaining popularity among beautiful part of the country. Girls and women constantly brag about their achievements and photos of slender bodies they have purchased, adhering to simple rules coffee diet.

quickly lose weight. For this purpose it is necessary only to properly cook natural coffee, add cream or milk and sugar. Drinking this drink will have in place of Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3-4 days. After this period you will notice that dropped the extra pounds without trips to the gym. The output from this diet should be consumption of low-calorie foods and vegetables.


the chocolate diet. And it’s not a fairy tale! For this you need to stock up on bitter chocolate and flavored beans that will turn into a refreshing drink on your first desire. Go on a diet be not more than 3 days, otherwise you can exhaust your body too much. Remember that at this time your main meal of the day – coffee and chocolate!

Is it possible to lose weight from coffee

Ladies are worried, if coffee helps weight loss. Those who first hear about these diets, doubts nothing. One answer: favors. The main thing is to follow the clear instructions to only drink freshly brewed coffee and consume low-calorie products. The diet requires no special attachments and exercise. It has a number of advantages, which will affect not only the slenderness of your figure, but also overall health:

  1. The result for a few days. Refreshing drink faster than the other drinks rids the body of toxins and other harmful substances. Due to this, some days you will get rid of 2 to 5 pounds.
  2. In addition, it improves the digestive system, which clearly affects the result. Use for weight loss so big that you will notice changes only for the better.
  3. Beans contains useful antioxidants that prevent the emergence of cancer cells.


Do not forget about contraindications. Each quick way to lose weight they will have. Coffee is not spared – the number of contraindications that must be considered when switching to this diet:

  1. You cannot lose weight by using this diet adolescents under 18 years of age, women after 35.
  2. Not recommended for people suffering from problems with the cardiovascular system, digestive tract.
  3. Possible dehydration. You must ensure that in addition to black beverage you have consumed and clean water.
  4. Remains dark plaque on the teeth.

Video: can I drink coffee for weight loss

In the video below you will learn more about how to lose weight with coffee. Pay attention to all the recommendations and contraindications. Don’t forget that the most important thing is your health. If you experience discomfort while you maintain this diet, be sure to stop and go back to your regular diet. You may not suitable coffee diet as an easy way to lose weight.

Reviews about diet coffee

Natalia, 28 years old

As soon as I heard that coffee can help me lose weight, immediately went on this diet. Before that only works great. For 5 days got rid of 5 kg! This is the result I have not been able to get in such a short period of time.

Ksenia, 33 years

I had to look for option of losing weight before the holiday. With the aid of coffee I managed to shed 3 pounds in 4 days. A couple of times per month must arrange such fasting days to be in shape.

Christina, 23 years old

I had a hard time after birth and breastfeeding. A friend advised me to drink coffee instead of eating, and I just this week dropped the extra 6 pounds. Not only do it, if you are still breastfeeding. Otherwise, this diet helped me to achieve results in a matter of days!


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