Does not run Windows 10

Questions about what to do if Windows 10 doesn’t start, constantly restarts, blue, or black screen at startup, reports that the computer is started correctly, the error Boot Failure — some of the most frequently asked by users. This material contains the most common errors that result in computer with Windows 10 is not loaded and methods of solution.

When correcting such errors it is always useful to remember what happened to the PC or laptop directly before it, Windows 10 has stopped running after upgrade or installation, maybe after updating the drivers, BIOS or add the devices, or after an improper shutdown, a dead laptop battery etc. can All help better to determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

Note: the steps in some instructions, can not only lead to the correction of errors run Windows 10, but in some cases and to the fact that they get worse. Get down the steps just in case ready for it.

«The computer is running correctly» or «it Seems that Windows did not load properly»

The first common variant of the problem, when Windows 10 does not run, and instead, first (but not always) reports about a certain error (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, for example), and then blue screen with text «your Computer is running incorrect» and two options — reboot or additional parameters.

Most often (except in certain cases, in particular, the error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) it is caused by damaged system files in consequence of their removal, installations and uninstallations of programs (often anti — viruses) that use programs to clean your computer and registry.

To try to solve these problems by restoring damaged files and Windows registry 10. Detailed instructions: the Computer is running correctly in Windows 10.

Logo appears Windows 10 and the computer turns off

Their reasons for the problem, when Windows 10 does not start and the computer itself turns off, sometimes after several restarts and appearances of OS logo, similar to the first described case and usually occurs after unsuccessful automatic correction run.

Unfortunately, in this situation we are not able to get into the Windows recovery environment 10 present on the hard disk, and therefore we will need either the recovery disc or bootable flash drive (or disk) with Windows 10, which will have to do on any other computer (if you have such a drive missing).

Details on how to boot into recovery environment using the installation disc or stick in the guide Disk recovery Windows 10. Once booted into the recovery environment try the methods in the section about «running correctly».

The Boot Failure and error An operating system wasn’t found

Another common variant of the problem with the launch of Windows 10 — the black screen with the error message Boot failure. Reboot and Select Proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device, or An operating system wasn’t found. Try disconnecting any drives that don t contain an operating system. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

In both cases, if it’s not the wrong boot device order in the BIOS or UEFI and not a damaged hard disk or SSD, are almost always the cause of error is damaged run the Windows loader 10. Steps that will help to correct this error is described in the instructions: Boot Failure and An operating system wasn’t found in Windows 10.


There are a few options of the error on a blue screen INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Windows 10. Sometimes it’s just a bug when updating or resetting the system, sometimes the result of changing the partition structure on a hard disk. Less physical problems with the hard drive.

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If in your situation, Windows 10 does not run with this error, and detailed steps to correct it, starting with simple to more complex you will find in the material: How can I fix the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error in Windows 10.

Black screen when launching Windows 10

The problem is, when Windows 10 does not start, and instead of your desktop you see a black screen, has a few options:

  • When apparently (for example, a sound of welcome OS), in reality, it starts, but you see only a black screen. In this case, use the manual Black screen Windows 10.
  • When after some action with the drives (partitions) or abnormal you see first the logo and then black screen and nothing else happens. As a rule, the reasons for this are the same as in the case INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, try to use the methods from there (the instruction pointed out above).
  • Black screen, but the mouse — try the suggestions from the article does Not load the desktop.
  • If after switching on does not appear in either of Windows logo 10 or even the BIOS screen or the manufacturer logo, especially if you otherwise had trouble starting the computer the first time, you will need the following two instructions: the Computer will not turn on, will Not turn on the monitor — I wrote them quite a long time, but in General they are still relevant now and will help to understand what exactly the case (and it, probably, not in Windows).

It’s still all I’ve managed to systematize most common user problems with the launch of Windows 10 at the current time. Additionally I recommend to pay attention to the article Restore Windows 10 — perhaps it can also help in solving the described problems.

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