30 life lessons that you should learn by age 30

Thirty stepped abroad, we look back, rejoicing in the achievements, regretting missed opportunities. Things to be aware of while we are young, full of optimism and strength for new achievements?

30 lessons that life teaches us:

  1. Family always comes first.
  2. Happiness has no monetary value.
  3. Choosing a career, remember that must pay for everything.
  4. The number of bills in your wallet and money on the accounts depend on your perseverance and hard work.
  5. Treat any work responsibly.
  6. Learn to refuse and accept the failure of others adequately.
  7. Enjoy communication with loved ones in spirit people.
  8. Expand your horizons by getting information from different sources.
  9. Find new friends.
  10. Stay up to date with news and events (not to be confused with gossip and gossips).
  11. Learn to treat life with humor.
  12. Planning is fine, but make sometimes unexpected and reckless actions.
  13. Take care of your health, because you have a long, happy life.
  14. Spend more time with family.
  15. Don’t forget about your friends – personal relations can be exhausted and friends will stay with you.
  16. Learn how to turn off the phone: an hour, day, week.
  17. Live what you’re wondering: here and now.
  18. Do not hassle yourself by past mistakes.
  19. Learn reasonable expenses.
  20. Do yourself unexpected surprises: SPA, travel, movie ticket or walk.
  21. Deciding to have children, think about what you can give.
  22. Weigh your actions by learning to calculate the consequences.
  23. Learn how to plan, but remember that destiny is changeable.
  24. Taking a step forward, not look back and not regret. So it was the right thing.
  25. Give yourself the right to error. And remember that others may be wrong.
  26. Panic is a bad adviser. Like in a bad mood.
  27. Hobby to make the world a brighter place.
  28. Learn patience.
  29. Learn what to invest in (education, culture, new experiences).
  30. Live to the fullest, but learn to enjoy silence and solitude.


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