Top 7 pleasant surprises for your beloved wife

Married ladies know that marriage is a constant, painstaking work on the relationship. Work, life, children, General economy do not leave room for a bygone romance, and high feelings. And what could be the sex with the one you love if you falling down from exhaustion, hoping to relax?

What keeps the successful Union of two loving people? The warmth, attention, support and empathy – essential components of family life. No laughter, joy, surprises and the ability to surprise the harmony develops into boredom, and the love and passion overboard boats called «family».

Find a fraction of the time, surprise a loved one an unexpected gift, a romantic walk or a ticket to the football. Excuses about lack of money forces are not taken into account. How to improve the degree of passion in marriage and how to please a spouse? Top 7 pleasant, wonderful surprises (budget and not) make the jump beloved husband of delight:


  1. Write a love note.You think it’s corny, boring and just…? Nothing of the sort! Paper, pen (or rather pen) to help you.A loving word or a secret desire, found in the middle of the day in your pants pocket or wallet, will be an incentive to quickly finish business office and go home.
  2. Show how you appreciate his care and attention.In response to the request to assist with shopping, to go to visit your sister, mom after an exhausting working day, a loving husband does not claim to remuneration. Show how valuable you are to his care and attention by presenting the tickets to the game, booked a table for the male company of her husband and his friends in the pub.
  3. Arrange A «King’s Day».Asked to play an unusual game. Free this day from the chores, take the kids to the mother, grandmother, friend. Today you are a servant of His Majesty (in the literal sense, and then who knows…). Ask your husband to make a preliminary «List of dreams» and embodying them in life. Yes, one should not expect a return gift: men being not quick-witted. Therefore, to assign the «Queen’s Day», informing about the «remarkable» the date of the spouse.
  4. Divide his hobby.Tanchiki online, fishing, hockey, or volleyball – participate in your favorite passion for her husband. And who knows, maybe this kind of entertainment will be your hobby?
  5. Vacation together.A weekend or whole week on the island Paradise where the sun shines, you have no hurry to be an unexpected gift for a loved one. Even if this «island» you are at the cottage, spend time with your spouse in a pleasant «doing nothing», enjoy a romantic dinner cooked in the coals potatoes, a jar of sprats and tomatoes from the garden.
  6. Find a surprise (arrange quest).Notes, writing with lipstick on the mirrors, the unusual pointer, stick the elastic waistband of his swimming trunks and searches, searches, searches will entice your loved one more than the surprise. Want explosion of feelings? Select for an unusual gift box, which when opened produces the effect of firecrackers.
  7. An unusual invite to a date.Enjoy your dinner on the roof of the apartment buildings, take a hot air balloon, parachute jump or sonarmite in the depths of the sea: having the financial freedom, a little time and the help of a special Agency on the «sell impressions» fancy a date with the husband guaranteed. Can’t quarrel with money? Ask the locksmith the key to the attic on the roof: organize «student» cocktail, reminding a loved one of the carefree time of your visits.


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