Top 7 useful properties of eggs

Eggs are important ingredients in the recipe of many dishes. Perceived high cholesterol they contradict numerous studies in recent years. Clinical trials scientists medical colleges in the U.S., China confirmed that daily consumption of 1 egg per day does not affect the growth of the risk of ischemia or stroke.

Top 7 useful properties of the eggs:

  1. Strengthening the immune systemRetinol, vitamin D and folic acid are the main sources of formation of a healthy immune system, able to resist viruses and bacteria.


  2. Improvement the skin conditionInteracting with Biotin and selenium, vitamin a participates actively in the work of the tripartite complex to protect the skin. Retinol restores and uluchshenie condition; Biotin ensures storage of nutrients; selenium acts on the first line of defence against free radicals and oxidative processes.
  3. It stimulates the metabolic activity of the organismHigh levels of vitamin B2 in eggs helps to speed up metabolic processes within the body.
  4. Improves the production of blood cellsThe presence of folic acid has a positive impact on the activity of the cardiovascular system, vitamin B2 boosts the formation of red blood cells.
  5. Strengthening the skeletal frame of a personNot many power supplies boast a rich content of vitamin D, affecting the hardness of the bones. Phosphorus improves the function of cell membranes, affecting the memory and eyesight.
  6. Maintaining liver healthCholine is a substance needed for the effective functioning of the liver. Eggs top the list of foods containing this vitamin in natural form.
  7. The development of mental abilitiesB vitamins effect on improving the conductivity of neurons in the brain, while Pantothenic acid stimulates brain activity.


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