Z step to getting rid of flabby skin

Did you notice how the wave undulates skin when your grandmother or aunt at the age of raise your hand to wave at parting? The reason for the education effect «bat wing» is not left triceps of the upper arm.

The life of modern women «brighten» intelligent assistants – washing machine, wonder stoves, etc. We don’t wear heavy bags, giving the privilege of honorable men, but if there is a need for large and heavy buying come to the aid of taxis, porters, friends. 100 years ago our great-great-grandmother at the age of 50 were unaware of the problems with saggy skin. Hard work in the field, at home helped to support most of the body’s muscles in good shape.


Equally important in the destruction of elastin, collagen of the epidermis of the hands play of fad diets and starvation are not backed by physical load. Pampered and sophisticated, modern beauties want to have the figures of top models, forgetting that the dramatic weight loss, as it set, result in sagging skin, poor metabolic functions, loss of muscle mass. Again is to increase the caloric intake, like fat nasty attacks the body with new power, filling «vacant» space on my hands.

To prevent the formation of «the effect of wing» upper arms will help regular workouts that will take up to a quarter of an hour a day. Agree, it is a little for creating beautiful relief, improved muscular frame and prevent destruction of the collagen relations of the epidermis. Doing exercises in 3 sets for 3 months, you can safely wear this summer, open tops, neckline and strapless sundresses:

  1. The muscles of the shoulderDumbbells weighing a kilogram, a little space is all that is required to complete the exercise. Turns, tilts to the side, forward, squats and other exercises exercises (warm-up) complete with a raised and bent at an angle like the photo. This will help to strengthen the deltoid muscles of the back, ligaments of the shoulder/elbow joints, lateral press and triceps of the arms.
  2. Development and strengthening of bicepsThe front part of the muscles of the arm called the bicep. It is necessary to perform all pulling movements – from lifting a loved child in his arms to rearranging the furniture in the apartment. To bring this part of the muscle building to tone help exercises lifting the dumbbells with the weights, push-UPS, pull-UPS, as well as the static plank exercise that trains not only hands, but also all the muscles of the body.
  3. Work the triceps from different anglesMore than 2/3 of the muscles of the arms are the triceps. This triceps muscle requires a detailed approach: bench press, dynamic load with change of standing, squatting and push-up position, numerous versions of push-UPS, squats with support on hand from behind and… favorite strap will save your hands from wings, saggy skin.


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