Pinched sciatic nerve symptoms and treatment at home

Any person may be pinched in the lower back. The discomfort capturing lower back, the sacrum and both limbs. The disease prevents normal move, causing pain. Find out in advance about the main symptoms of sciatica and how to treat a pinched sciatic nerve. Practical tips will quickly return to the form, breaking the usual life style.

The symptoms of a pinched sciatic nerve

The main symptom of disorders is the pain that occurs in sacral region. If at first it’s just a tingling sensation, then after a time the discomfort intensified. The reasons can be several:

  • a pinched sciatic nerve by the hernia;
  • flu, malaria and other infections that lead to inflammation;
  • stenosis;
  • spondylolisthesis.

You should definitely take into account the character of pain. This helps the doctors in accurate diagnosis, then start treatment. A pinched in the lower part of the spine are divided into three groups:

  • a symptom of the landing – the patient is unable to sit;
  • symptom Lasegue – the patient can not raise a straight leg;
  • symptom of Sikar – pain increases with dorsiflexion of the foot.

Also signs of entrapment include unusual gait. If pain man unwittingly tilts the body toward healthy leg, pulling up sore. In addition, the restraint changes the sensitivity of the skin, of the muscles of the affected side. The patient may feel a strong burning or numbness. Discomfort aggravated by coughing, physical exertion on the body.

Treatment at home

Before you begin any of the procedures to eliminate the inflammation, you must consult a doctor. It will determine the nature of the disease will give useful recommendations. The councils will ensure the correct treatment of sciatic nerve at home. A comprehensive approach to the problem will help to get rid of pain and discomfort in the short term. For first aid when severe pinched nerve should:


  1. Lie on your stomach on a flat surface. Head and chest should be on the pillow, body covered by a warm blanket.
  2. Do not attempt to use warmers, compresses or massages to do.
  3. Urgently call the doctor or consult a neurologist. The specialist will prescribe pain medication, give treatment recommendations.


When pinched in the lumbar spine one of the most effective methods of elimination of violations is considered a therapeutic exercise. Exercises will help relax the muscles, relieve stress. Check out the most effective exercises for gymnastics at the time of pinched nerve:

  1. Lying pull up to chest knees. Lower the legs alternately left, then right, spreading limbs.
  2. Lying on your stomach, extend your arms forward, rotten back. Try to survive in this strip for a long time.
  3. Lying on your back, bend your knees. Alternately strain and relax the muscles of the back, pressing them into the floor.


Manual therapy and massaging the sore spots is a proven way to treat the pinching. The treatment begins with a warm-up of buttocks, lower back and coccyx, and ends with intensive movements in the area of the pressure points of the sciatic nerve. Everything runs with maximum caution. Massage for pinched sciatic nerve is performed with warming ointments and gels.

Folk remedies

With the right approach to get rid of diseases at home. Simple folk remedies are capable to remove inflammation, relieve pain and restore pinched. The effect is felt only in the early stages of sciatica. The most popular methods include:

  1. Regenerating compress of rye flour. You must knead tight dough. Gained weight is applied to the affected area and taken away with a towel or scarf. Apply the poultice every day for a few hours.
  2. Warm tub. In the water throwing grated horseradish and down for half an hour. The effect of such a procedure will show after 2 weeks of regular use.
  3. Treatment with wax. Melted candle applied to the affected part in 30 layers. The procedure is repeated every 3 days.

Traditional methods of treatment is absolutely contraindicated if the pinched nerve by the hernia. In this case, can help only surgical intervention. One of the best clinics that deals with such matters, considered the Dr. Bubnovsky center in Moscow. According to the reviews of patients, treatment is painless pinching, the result is great.


Determining the condition of the patient, the doctor will assign medication therapy. To buy tablets it is not necessary, in order not to suffer from side effects. The most popular drugs for the inflammation include:

  • Ibuprofen;
  • Ketoprofen;

  • Motrin;
  • Anaprox.

When one exercises and pills not enough, doctors prescribe injections when pinching the sciatic nerve. This is an extreme measure, but it always gives a significant result. For this method of treatment using steroid means. Blockade of pain is carried out using anesthetics on the basis of novocaine. The dosage and frequency of application is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the case.

What to do when the pinched sciatic nerve during pregnancy

Girls in position and after childbirth requires a special approach for the treatment of sciatica. To permitted, effective methods include:

  • manual therapy;
  • massage;
  • salt baths;
  • yoga.

A pregnant woman during treatment of crushing need to wear flat shoes and sleep on the hard mattress. Start treating yourself cannot: any kind of therapy is allowed only after consulting the doctor. Not superfluous will be special exercises to strengthen pelvic. They will reduce pain during the sciatica will help to go through childbirth easier.

Video: how to relieve the pain if pinched sciatic nerve

Discomfort near the sacrum do not give rest to many people. Those who do not know what to do if trapped sciatic nerve, the movie will give you some tips. You will be able to independently without the assistance of a physician to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation of the nerve. Simple exercises from a professional chiropractor can easily eliminate the pinching.


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