Than to treat ringworm in humans fast at home: ointments and medications

Under the title «versicolor» combined an impressive number of infectious diseases, most of which are of fungal or viral origin. Choosing than to treat ringworm in humans, it is important to consider the type of infection. Because each type of this disease causes a specific pathogen, a universal approach to its treatment does not exist.

The treatment of depriving a person at home

When discovering a body rash that looks like ringworm, it is necessary to immediately consult a dermatologist. Figuring out how to cure ringworm in humans, you first need to install the specific type. Each variety of this disease is characterized by different eruptions. They can hit any part of the body (face, neck, hands, feet) and have the size of a pinhead or a little more, have white, pink or red, scaly or smooth surface.

To determine the type of depriving the photo from the Internet is difficult, because even the most experienced dermatologist is not always able to recognize him on one appearance of skin lesions. This may involve laboratory tests to identify the causative agent. Only after a kind of infection to be accurately determined, it is possible to find a suitable remedy for lichen.


This type of disease is one of the most simple and treatable. Often it passes on its own within 6-8 weeks after the first rash. How to treat pityriasis rosea? The patient is recommended to comply with hypoallergenic diet, to exclude contact with woollen and synthetic clothes, avoid sunlight. Patients with a tendency to allergic reactions, prescribe antihistamines.



To get rid of shingles it is necessary to suppress the activity of the pathogen. This requires the use of antiviral drugs such as «Acyclovir» and «Famciclovir». To reduce pain in areas of the rash shown ganglionic: «Gangleron»,» Pyrylium». To rapidly remove spots using the ointment from depriving for humans, such as «Zovirax» or «Epigenome».


Ringworm of this type (colored, color, blooming or pityriasis) refers to fungal diseases. His treated with topical and oral antifungal drugs: «Nizoral», «Fluconazole», «Ketoconazole», «Fungoterbine», «Lamizila», «Irazola», «Iranina». In addition to drug therapy can be used sessions of ultraviolet radiation.

Red flat

This kind of lichen develops due to immune, metabolic and neurotic pathologies. To choose than this to treat ringworm in humans can only be a doctor, because the methods of therapy are strictly individual. The patient may be administered antibiotics, antihistamines, immunomodulatory and sedatives, vitamin preparations.


This type of infection in medicine is called microspores. Than to treat ringworm in humans? For admission into the prescribed antifungal agents («Griseofulvin», «Terbinafine»), and for the lubrication spots – ointment with similar effect («Clotrimazole», «Bifonazole»). In the treatment of neglected forms of depriving microspores can be assigned to local hormones.

Than to treat ringworm in children

For the treatment using age appropriate child antifungal, antihistamine and antiviral agents. To choose these drugs, as a special ointment for depriving children, only a doctor. Incorrectly chosen means are capable to cause residual pigmentation on the skin, neuralgia and other complications, so you should not self-medicate.

Types of ointments from depriving

At different types of the disease are different drugs from depriving a person in the form of ointments. Conditionally they can be divided into antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial (used in the development of skin bacterial infections), antihistamines and hormonal. To choose the local means is extremely unsafe. About what to smear herpes, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Video about types of lichen and how to treat them folk remedies

In the presented video deals with the treatment of lichen folk remedies and how can look like the symptoms of different types of lichen. The choice of the main methods of treatment should be based on the physician’s prescription, however, to eliminate itching and pain are quite allowed to apply effective popular recipes that do not have side effects.

Reviews about the treatment

Anna, 28 years old

Treated shingles have a son iodization: lubricate the beginning, as soon as there was little specks, so they do not have time to grow. On prescription saw a few days of antifungal tablets, the disease quickly retreated. Additionally asked our pediatrician to find a course of vitamins to improve immune function and get such infection again.

Victoria, 23 years old

After a cold suddenly appeared pityriasis rosea. The dermatologist said nothing to smear the spot and wait until everything goes by itself. The rash didn’t touch, tried to change clothes, but rarely washed without washcloths, because I’ve read that it is easy to spread them throughout the body. After about 3 weeks the spots were really less, and after another couple of weeks passed quite.

Olga, 30 years

Treating ringworm with iodine, zinc ointment and aqueous solution of salicylic acid. The special effects were not, and advised me to treat ringworm ointment on the head of the Pits. Rubbed it on 2 times a day, a week noticed improvement, although at first doubted the result, because this ointment for animals. Enjoyed another week and got rid of all the crusts.


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