How to remove stains from cosmetics to clothing

Every woman knows how easy it is to leave clothes a trace of mascara or lipstick, not to mention tone cream. Little tricks will save your things from such spots.

Как удалить пятна от косметики с одежды

Foundation.The stain of the Foundation should be moistened with 10% solution of ammonia and sprinkle a layer of baking soda. Wait 6-7 minutes and then faded.

Lipstick. On the trail of lipstick you need to put a piece of paper towel or toilet paper and then from the wrong side a few times to wipe the fabric with alcohol.

Important! The earlier breeding spots, the greater your chances of success.

Spirits. Spot from the spirits should lather up soap and leave for 10 minutes. Then you have to wash the thing fully.

Deodorant. Traces of deodorant should first treated with a detergent, then wash in warm water. If the fabric allows, you can add a little bleach.

Mascara. To remove stains of mascara you need to use a soap solution (72% Laundry soap to mix with water). You should treat the stain with this solution and, without washing, to dry the fabric. Soap then dried carefully scrape with a knife, and the thing to rinse in warm clean water.

Nail Polish. The thing with stain varnish put on several layers of paper towels (the spot must be in contact with the towel). On the reverse side of the stain DAB it with a cotton swab dipped in liquid nail Polish remover. So the varnish will be on the towel, and the cloth cleared. If necessary, you can wipe the spot with acetone, but with the front side. Then rinse the item and wash as usual.

Important! Acetone may dissolve some synthetic fabrics, be careful.

Helpful hint: after removing the stains should wash the whole thing, otherwise stains remain.

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