How to care for leather garments

Leather jackets and coats out of fashion and time. They are always relevant and fit for almost everyone. Spring is coming and you should learn how to keep new clothes from natural leather, to maintain a perfect condition for as long as possible.

Как ухаживать за одеждой из кожи

New leather thing usually has a specific smell. But that’s no reason to get upset about, but rather the opposite (this is a sign that the skin is natural, and not a substitute). Over time the smell will go away itself. But that smell disappeared quickly, you need to sprinkle a leather product ground coffee and leave for the day. Then just shake the coffee, and you can wear new clothes. Important! This method is not suitable for light leather things, they coffee can leave stains.

Do not store leather goods in polyethylene, they need to breathe. You can use a special cloth for clothes. But it is best to keep leather thing is in a cool dark cupboard, hanging it on a hanger with a wide shoulder pads (to avoid deformation).

If the thing is pretty mangled and want to pet him, then be especially careful. Valid iron leather product only from the wrong side using a piece of thick fabric. Put the iron on the «wool»setting.

A leather jacket or coat will not prevent from time to time to wipe the glycerine, it will add Shine (especially useful to RUB cuffs and collar, as they are most exposed to abrasion).

Very thin and soft skin can be cleaned with a mixture of milk and turpentine (1:1). Then grease the thing colorless cream and Polish brush Shine.

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