How to convert grams to milligrams

When working with small amounts of a substance often used as such a unit of mass, as milligram (mg). A milligram is called a thousandth of a gram. that is, one gram contains one thousand milligrams. To convert grams to milligrams is not required for the calculator is quite a basic knowledge in arithmetic.

Как перевести грамм в миллиграмм


1. To convert grams to milligrams, multiply the number of grams per thousand. That is, use the following simple formula:
KMG = Kg * 1000, where
KMG – the number of milligrams,
Kg – the number of grams.
For example, the weight of one activated charcoal tablets – 0.25 grams. Consequently, its mass, expressed in milligrams is: a 0.25*1000=250 (mg).

2. If the number of gram – integer, then grams to milligrams simply attribute to him the right three zero.
For example, one tablet of ascorbic acid with glucose weighs 1 gram. So its mass in milligrams: 1 000.

3. If the quantity of grams is expressed in the form of a decimal fraction, shift the decimal point three digits to the right.
For example, the glucose content in one tablet of ascorbic acid with glucose – 0,887 grams. Therefore, in milligrams mass of glucose will reach 887 mg.

4. If after comma is less than three digits, add missing digits with zeros.
For example, the content of ascorbic acid in one tablet of ascorbic acid with glucose is 0.1 grams. In milligrams it would be – 100 mg (according to the rules, the result is 0100 mg, but trailing zeros to the left are discarded)..

5. If all source data specified in grams, and the result should be presented in milligrams, all intermediate calculations spend in grams, and milligrams translate only the summary calculations.
For example, each tablet contains the species:
bile dry – 0.08 g,
— garlic – 0.04 g,
— nettle leaves – 0.005 g,
— activated carbon – 0,025 g.
To calculate: how many milligrams of active ingredients is contained in one tablet allohol, add the mass of each component, expressed in grams, and the result is set to mg:
0,08+0,04+0,005+0,025=0,15 (g).
Of 0.15*1000=150 (mg).

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