How to calculate a percentage of the amount

The percentage in Latin («pro centum») means one hundredth part. So if you want to find a certain percentage of a certain sum of money, it means that it is necessary to determine how many hundredths of the sum contains the specified percentage. If the mind is to count does not work, the easiest way to calculate a percentage using a calculator.

Как посчитать процент от суммы


1. Use to calculate the percentage of a given amount, for example, the standard calculator Windows. A link to the launch can be found in the system main menu — open it by pressing WIN key or clicking on the «start» button. You need to go to «All programs» and discover the «entry Standard» and click the «Calculator». However, hackers are not exactly keen on «mouse computing» and if you also want to feel like a bit of a hacker, then press the key combination WIN + R, type calc and press Enter. Both run the same Windows calculator.

2. Enter the numeric equivalent of the available amount of money. This operation can also be performed with the mouse and only with keyboard — right buttons of the calculator interface duplicate the same keys on the keyboard.

3. Find one hundredth fraction of the number entered. To do this, use the key with a slash (slash) on the keyboard or in the interface on the screen, and then type the number 100.

4. Multiply a hundredth part of the amount to a known amount of interest. To do this, click on the keyboard or click the mouse on the screen the button with the asterisk, and then type percentage.

5. Complete the calculation of the percentage of the amount by tapping on the keyboard or by clicking on screen buttons with the equality sign. The calculator will show you the numeric expression specified percentage from the amount entered.

6. Having access to the Internet for solution of this problem you can do without a calculator. The network has many of its peers, which allows you to make the required calculations directly in the browser window. If there is no time to look for and develop these online services, then enter the desired mathematical expression directly in the query box of Google search engine and immediately get a result. For example, to calculate 13% from the sum of 25 thousand 512 rubles 14 kopecks type: «25521,14 / 100 * 13».

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