How to convert square meters to cubic meters

When solving physics problems it is often necessary to translate physical quantities from one unit of measure to another. Typically, this is similar, so-called a decimal fraction and multiples of units that only differ in the multiplier. For example, grams and kilograms, meters and kilometers. In practice, however, it is sometimes necessary to convert quite dissimilar units, such as litres, kilograms or cubic and square meters.

Как перевести квадратные метры в кубометры


1. To convert square meters to cubic meters, you need to know the thickness or height of objects or areas for which the conversion is performed. Typically, such a transfer is made for some building materials, premises and vessels. The cubic meters are used to measure or calculate the volume in square meters for the presentation of the square.

2. To translate square feet into cubic multiply the base area to the height (thickness, depth), measured in meters. If the thickness of the material (subject matter) measured in other units of measurement (millimeters, centimeters, decimeters), first ensure that it is in meters.

3. Example.
On the site you want to lay 500 square metres of floors boards with a thickness of 2 cm.
How many cubic meters of boards will it take?
1. Set the thickness of the boards in meter: 2 (cm) / 100 = 0,02 (m).
2. Multiply the area of the boards for thickness: 500 (m2) * 0,02 (m) = 10 (m3).
The volume of boards will be 10 m3.

4. Example.
The basin area is 1000 square meters, and its depth is 2 meters.
How many cubic meters of water are required to completely fill the pool?
Multiply the area of the basin at depth: 1000 (m2) * 2 (m) = 2000 (m3).
For filling swimming pools will require two cubic metres of water.

5. To properly translate the height (thickness, depth) in meters, use the following equations:
if altitude is specified in kilometers (km) multiply by 1000;
if in decimetres (DM) – divide by 10;
if in centimeters (cm) divide by 100;
if in millimeters (mm) divide by 1000;
if in microns (µm) – divide by 1000000.

6. If the height (thickness, depth) are given in mixed units, write down the number as a decimal.
The growth of the individual in the measurement was 1 meter 88 centimeters.
How much height is in meters?
Since a centimeter is one hundredth of a meter, then 1 m 88 cm can be written as 1 m + 0,88 m, which is equal to: 1,88 m.
The man’s height is 1.88 meters.

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