How to remove unwanted and unnecessary programs from your computer

If the operating system and various devices work too slowly, it’s time to delete unnecessary programs from your PC and clean it of debris. This does not necessarily have special skills, because all are necessary for the removal and purification is at hand.

Вы можете удалить все ненужные программы с компьютера


1. First, try to remove unnecessary programs from your computer with the help of a special system service. Click «start» and launch the «control Panel». Select «Programs and features». Depending on the power of the computer will need some time to update the list of currently installed programs. Carefully inspect the resulting list. For convenience, click on «set» to arrange components in the order of their installation time to hard disk.

2. Select one of the unnecessary programs and click «uninstall/change». This will start the service removal of the affected application. Follow the instructions and complete an action that the Uninstaller had completed its work, then click «Finish» or «Finish». After a few seconds, the app list will be updated, and the remote program will disappear from it. Repeat the removal process with all other unnecessary applications.

3. You can delete unwanted program from your computer directly from their location. Shortcuts to applications are usually found under «All programs» in the start menu. In the folder with each program needs to have a Delete icon that launches the Uninstaller. If there is no icon, click the right mouse on the application name and select «Properties». In the window that appears, click «Location». You will be in the program folder on your hard drive. Find here launch a file called Uninstall, or derivatives of it and open.

4. If you want to quickly remove all unnecessary programs, you can select a folder with unnecessary application and remove it by pressing Del. Note that this information about the program remain in the registry system, which in some cases leads to various conflicts. However, so you can free up space on your hard drive.

5. Periodically look into the folder «My documents», «Downloads», «Videos», etc., cleansing them from unnecessary files. Remember that when you open files through the Internet, they are usually saved in «Downloads», thereby occupying space on hard drives. Also don’t forget to clear the folder with the deleted files to Trash.

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