What to buy with your smartphone

Buying a smartphone today is quite an ordinary event. However, for ease of use a new gadget is to make some additional acquisitions. What to buy at the same time with a smartphone, not to spend a lot of money?

Что купить со смартфоном?

Modern manufacturers produce a lot of different of accessories for smartphones running different operating systems. Let’s remember the most popular accessories and supplies and see how they work, is it worth it to buy them for use with a smartphone?

Screen film

Useful thing! The phone’s screen is scratch less, and if damaged it is easy and inexpensive to replace. Sure that your Gorilla Glass does not need protection? In vain, the film still soften the damage that can cause solid objects, and the screen will be less flash (if you buy a matte film).


A properly chosen case will allow him to survive the fall from a height. Many also convenient if the case has additional pockets for storing business cards.

Memory card

If the phone supports memory card, it is worth to purchase together with your phone, because it is possible to put a large number of books, music, videos, and other means for entertainment on the road. And on the memory card can be configured to save photos and videos that will make the owner of the phone.

External battery

Powerbank large capacity will allow you to play, surf the Internet or read books without thinking about searching for a plug. This is especially important on the road.

Headphones or a wired (or wireless) headset

The headset is good thing, because you can answer the call without taking the phone. And using it through your smartphone you can listen to music, watch movies if not to disturb others. If to answer calls you don’t plan, you will be limited to the purchase of the easiest headphones.


It will come in handy if you plan to print texts, to communicate in chats. But it is absolutely not required buying, especially because prices on a special wireless keyboard is not very accessible.

The mounting in the car

Useful for those who have a car and who is important not to miss incoming calls. Also, the special mount is useful if your phone includes a program for navigation.

I must say that for use with a smartphone can find a lot of different toys, such as the beautiful plugs for the headphone Jack, joysticks and so on. But acquiring these things only makes sense if you have a lot of extra money.

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