Dry food for dogs of small breeds

Сухой корм для собак мелких пород

There is a misconception that for different sized dogs you can use one feed, the only difference in terms of portions. Actually dry food for small dogs differs from dog food large, primarily because it contains more protein and is therefore more nutritious. Such a composition of feed due to the fact that the stomachs of small dogs are small, and the portions are small they require.

Dry food is premium, designed for small dog breeds, slightly higher quality than food in the economy class, it is observed a slight increase in animal protein, but there is a lot of preservatives, enhancers smell and taste.

Feeding adult and aging animals

Dry food for adult dogs of small breeds selected individually, it should not cause allergies, lead to constipation or any other problems. In any case, the feed must be designed for dogs with small sizes, such forages are balanced all the ingredients, they take into account the needs, of a small size pet, minerals and vitamins. For young adult dogs are purchased feed, age-appropriate from one year to eight years.

Over time in dogs there are various age-related diseases, changes, develops senile dysfunction, so dry food for older dogs of small breeds, is used with regard to emerging problems with joints, teeth, internal organs.

Older dogs should consume calorie-free food contains some fat and protein, because with age they become inactive, but the amount of carbohydrates in the feed can be increased. You can use the usual for healthy pet food, somewhat reducing its normal. Many famous companies produce food for small senior dogs aged six to eight years.

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