Non-cereal feed for cats

Беззерновой корм для кошек

Non-cereal food for cats is one of the most popular types of feed among the owners of these Pets.

The category of non-cereal feed

There are two categories of non-cereal food: dry and wet.

Non-cereal dry cat food contains the least amount of moisture. Saves cat from plaque on the teeth, when that raskazyvaet plate of food.

Dry food does not spoil and does not dry, so it can not be removed from the bowl of the animal. Store it in tightly closed containers to avoid loss of useful properties.

Non-cereal wet cat food is 75% water. Composed of a large number of proteins and fats. Food should not be left in the bowl for a long period, as it dries quickly and loses its beneficial properties.

Classes of non-cereal feed

Each type of feed refers to a specific class, which we examine below.


  • Non-cereal food economy contains little protein. Proteins are absent. It has a large amount of harmful substances. Overall, its nutritional value is low.
  • Non-cereal food for cats premium class — the best and affordable choice. It includes real meat. Daily rate for a cat will be small.
  • Feed super premium contain quality nutrients. Have a high amount of vitamins and minerals. There are practically no dyes.
  • In the feed class holistic no gluten, GMO and chemicals. Contain Human grade elements that is suitable for the human body.


The benefits and harms of non-cereal food for cats is determined individually. Though veterinarians speak positively about non-cereal feed, you still need to consult. One of the main approaches in the choice of food — food must not contribute to obesity and harm the health of your pet.

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