Royal Canin sterilized cats

Роял Канин для стерилизованных кошек

Royal Canin manufactures premium food. The brand has successfully established itself on the market. Substitute natural diet of a cat, providing her with all necessary nutrients.

Royal Canin — great for neutered cats that need special food. As you know, in the diet of sterilized cats must be the minerals.

The brand has created a special series of products, which have important nutritional ingredients for such animals.

Types of feed

Food for neutered cats is dry wet. Dry food for neutered cats Royal Canin is divided into four groups:


  • Food for neutered kittens up to 1 year. Prevents obesity and helps to the proper growth of a kitten. Improves its defenses.
  • Food for neutered cats from 1 to 7 years. Reduces the appearance of excess weight and urolithiasis. Controls the process of urination and the degree of acidity of urine.
  • Food for neutered cats from 7 years. Regulates weight and proper functioning of kidneys. Allows your cat to remain active.
  • Food for neutered cats 12 years and older. A positive effect on the kidneys, weight and health of older cats in General.


The dosage and composition

Dosage Royal Kanina for sterilized cats depends on their age and weight. The composition of Royal Canin for neutered cats in each type of feed an individual.

If we talk about the series «healing diet», it would include corn, brown rice, barley, wheat gluten, corn gluten, etc. In some species feed powdered cellulose.

The usefulness of the composition is ambiguous. Some of the ingredients contribute to allergies. So before you buy this brand of feed you should visit a veterinarian and together they determine the choice that is most appropriate and useful for cats.

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