A hybrid of orange and Mandarin

Гибрид апельсина и мандарина

We all love citrus fruits, but know very little of: tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, lemon. In fact, much more. Some were obtained by crossing different fruits. For example, do you know how is called Mandarin crossed with an orange? No, not the Colorado city, Colorado city because it is a hybrid of a tangerine with a grapefruit.

And here is a hybrid of orange and Mandarin is Clementine. He is one of the representatives of the tangelos. Its name he received from his father Clément, who in 1902 made a good selection – Mandarin has not lost its familiar shape, but noticeably sweeter.

Types of clementines

Now that you know what the name of the hybrid of Mandarin and orange, it’s time to learn that he also has several varieties:


  • Spanish – in turn happens with small and large fruits, each one has a few pits.
  • Montreal is a fairly rare variety, grown in Spain and Algeria. The Montreal Clementine fruits contain up to 12 seeds.
  • Corsican – has orange-red color of the skin in the fruit there are no seeds.


Especially clementines

Most often, these hybrids are sold with leaves. They appear in early November and end in February. Fruits have a wonderful aroma and sweet taste. Besides nice Goodies, the fruit is a natural antidepressant.

To distinguish from Clementine Mandarin by brighter skin and a large number of seeds, and he has a slightly flattened form. Peel the Clementine solid and thin. They are kept very well. They just need to put in a special drawer of the refrigerator, where they may lie for a whole month.

Useful properties of clementines

The composition of clementines in just a huge amount of vitamins (especially line-In) and minerals. It consists of water, fiber, fats and proteins. There is also copper, ascorbic acid, titanium, etc. And although the fruit is very sweet, it is low in sugar, so it is not caloric.

Thanks to the rich content of valuable substances, it has many beneficial and even medicinal properties. So, it is recommended to use for people with problems of the digestive tract. Clementines eliminate digestive problems, not to mention General improvement of health. Like all citrus, it is useful as prevention and treatment of colds, Гибрид апельсина и мандаринаas it strengthens the immune system.

Clementine juice improves the metabolism and awakens the appetite. The vitamins contained in the fruit, improves the structure of hair and skin condition. They do not allow the grey hair to appear ahead of time.

Present in this citrus essential oil is an excellent antidepressant. Clementines have a positive effect on the nervous system, helps with insomnia. In addition, it is often used when dealing with skin problems: cellulite, acne, warts, seborrhea, stretch marks. It makes the skin softer and softer.

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