Herbicides against weeds

Гербициды от сорняков

Herbicides are chemical preparations, the purpose of which is to destroy weeds. Use them mainly for chemical weeding of agricultural crops. In the composition of the herbicide against weeds can be one or several active substances.

Types of herbicides against weeds

Today there is a wide choice of herbicides, to classify them on the basis of:

  • In terms of impacts on weeds:
  • system – penetrates deep into the weed and spreads with the flow of the fluid in his organs, in the end, there is a General oppression of the whole plant down to the root system regardless of its level of development;
  • contact and apply only to the portion of the plant, which fell a composition that penetrates into the plant to a small extent.
  • Depending on spectrum:
  • continuous action – kill not only the weeds, but all cultivated plants, are used in pre-planting and agricultural territories;
  • selective action is used to destroy certain groups of weeds to protect crops.
  • According to the method of penetration into the plant:
  • sheet – penetrate ground parts of the plant;
  • soil (root) action – penetrate the seedlings, and roots, they need to be incorporated into the soil before emergence of weeds;
  • the combined penetration.
  • In terms of treatment:
  • pre – made before or after sowing of the crops, weeds are killed at the moment of germination;
  • postemergence – entered after the emergence of weeds and cultivated plants, are used on crops.
  • By types of suppressed groups of weeds:
  • herbicides against grass weeds – to destroy weeds in cereals and dicotyledonous cultural crops;
  • protivoavarijnye – destroy and broadleaf dicotyledonous weeds in crops of dicotyledonous and cereals.

The best herbicides from weeds

Starting weed control with herbicides, you need to understand how important it is to destroy any and all weeds, and may need to be dandelions, without affecting the lawn grass. The best Гербициды от сорняковrepresentatives in their categories are the following medications:

  • «Tornado» has a continuous effect, perfect for pre-purging phase;
  • «Errokiller» is the herbicide of continuous action, which is struggling with the most persistent weeds like couch grass and horsetail;
  • «Lapis» is electoral poison for the treatment of the potato crop, does not damage the culture;
  • «Lontrel-hall» – selective herbicide for strawberries and lawns against perennial dicotyledonous weeds.

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