Diamond-embroidery — technique

Алмазная вышивка - техника выполнения

Contemporary direction of art today is the diamond embroidery (diamond mosaic) that have appeared recently, but has already won love of many women. And in fact, the beauty and brilliance of the resulting paintings in this technique it is unlikely that can match. So, we will acquaint you with the technique of making the diamond embroidery.

The diamond embroidery – materials and tools

To work in a specialized shop you should buy ready-made kit, which includes the following elements:

  • the canvas is the Foundation;
  • rhinestones-crystals;
  • tweezers;
  • manual with the commonly used shades.

Алмазная вышивка - техника выполнения

The diamond embroidery is the master class

To master the technique of creating such type of embroidery really easy. Only – work is rather laborious and will require considerable effort, attention and patience. But in the result you will get unimaginable beauty of the paintings created in the technique of mosaic diamond embroidery. Mosaic is a sequence of crystals in a certain order, so there is a gorgeous figure.

So, working with diamond embroidery next:


  • For convenience, the crystals can be distributed by color in a special case.


Алмазная вышивка - техника выполнения


  • Getting started. Remove the upper adhesive layer from one site.


Алмазная вышивка - техника выполнения


  • Begin to add a mosaic by inserting the tweezers at the marked square crystals of the corresponding color. Crystal pressed lightly but stacked properly and smoothly. Defective crystals are not used. Draw a picture, working, for example, from left to right, top to bottom or Vice versa.


Алмазная вышивка - техника выполнения


  • Upon completion of this section, remove the protective tape from the second and continue «embroidery».


Алмазная вышивка - техника выполнения

Important aspect — how to fix diamond embroidery. The drawing surface can be treated with a thin layer of silicate glue using a roller.

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