Family bed linen

Семейный комплект постельного белья

How many family conflicts occur because one spouse didn’t get enough sleep, trying to win at the second extra blankets. If the night pulling the blanket becomes a cause of marital quarrels, it makes sense to think about buying a family set of bed linen, also called «Duo».

What is included in family linen?

First let’s find out why family linen got its name. Traditionally, the so-called set of «clothes» to bed, which includes two (some sets of four) pillowcases, fitted sheets and not one, but two of the duvet cover. Thus, the use of such kit involves the joint marital dream, but under different blankets. Which will agree, very convenient — each spouse has the ability to regulate a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The family sizes of bed linen

Most family kits are sewed according to the following standard:

  • pillowcase — 70×70 cm;
  • duvet covers — 145х220 cm;
  • sheet — 220х240 see

As you can see, the dimensions of the duvet covers in the family linen involve the use of Queen-size blankets and sheets can easily cover a king-size bed.

Family bed linen from coarse calico

Going to the store for the family (and any other) bedding, remember that the best material is 100% cotton. If the goal is to buy beautiful, durable and not very expensive family linen, it makes sense to choose a bed of calico. This material is traditionally used for sewing bed linen, as they are able without losing the appearance to sustain numerous (about 300) of the washing. In addition, calico does not cause unwanted reactions in Allergy sufferers and allows the body to breathe.

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