Cleaning of the apartment

Уборка в квартире

Cleaning of the apartment – weekly exercise routine, which many exasperated. Still, on a Friday or Saturday you made a General cleaning, and the following weekend from your efforts has not gone. But if you constantly to maintain order in the rooms, and General cleaning will be easier.

Daily cleaning of the apartment

The daily ritual of cleaning will not require you much time, and the apartment will look much tidier and cleaner. The system of this service is that night all the things that were used during the day must be removed to place or sorted. For example: came home from work not hang clothes in a heap on a chair, it is better to decide what to wear and what to wash. Clean clothes goes in the closet and dirty in the Laundry basket. It is also worth to clean your desktop, put is taken from the book shelves. Well, the final stage of housekeeping will be washing dishes and, if you were cooking something on this day, the wiping of the plate.

General cleaning of the apartment

Daily rituals that keep you, will save you from having to disassemble the weekly pile of clothes and to arrange a bunch of taken and left anywhere these days items. But where to start cleaning the apartment on weekends. The procedure for cleaning the apartment consists of approximately the following: wash mirrors, bathroom, toilet and sink; change linens; dust in all rooms; sweep or vacuum the carpets; to shake out the mats, if necessary; scrub the floors; to change the towels in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Some of these cases can be combined. For example, the Bay cleaner plumbing, you can safely go into the bedroom and change the bed. During the time your absence of the impurities to soften and remove them will be easier. A simple sequence of actions, how to do the cleaning in the apartment, combined with a good attitude and fun music will help to master all these numerous cases much faster.

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