Cockroaches in the apartment

Тараканы в квартире

The residents of multistoried buildings often have to wage a desperate struggle with an uninvited alien with cockroaches in the apartment. It would seem that everything is clean, and cockroaches from somewhere in the apartment come from. The reasons can be several, but at their core is always non-observance of rules of hygiene for the facilities. Even in perfectly flat landscaped these insects may appear, for example, from the grocery store on the ground floor of the building, garbage chute, crawl from antisocial neighbours, alas. Fight cockroaches is necessary. Ways of dealing with cockroaches in the apartment a lot, but to recommend some of them as perhaps the most difficult – in one case, the method can be very effective, and absolutely ineffective for another. So the answer to the question, what is the best spray for bugs in the apartment, can be found only by experiment — to try all and choose the best option for themselves.

Cockroach control in apartment

To date, the choice of means for the control of cockroaches is quite wide. Because of the simplicity of application and high efficiency are the most popular insecticides in form of aerosols to the commander, Regent, Dichlorvos, Malathion, Micropos, Butanol, Raptor, Get, Red, Globol. In addition to the sprays, and as an independent means of dealing with cockroaches, you can use special powders (dusts) – Feverfew, Finax, Oradell, InOrbit, Fenxin and pencils (Masha). A very effective insecticide in the form of gels is the absolute, the Raptor, Dahlaks, Brownie, Storm, Globol. You can also use special traps. In some cases, be very effective poison baits based on boric acid. In severe cases, it is better to use the services of special services at SES.

But in General it should be said that to solve the problem, how to get cockroaches in the apartment forever, you should take a global approach that is called the world (at least within the same house).

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