The Feast Of Michael

Праздник Михаила

November 21 marks the great Orthodox feast of Michael, the main of which devoted to all the Holy angels. Religious people really honor this holiday and colloquially refer to it as Mikhailov day. The decision to celebrate was taken at the local Council of Laodicea in the fourth century.

This large and bright Orthodox feast of the Church established in the name of all Holy angels, the chief of which is the Archangel (an exalted title than simply angels) Michael, revered for being so defended the faith and fought against heresy and evil different. On this day prayers to glorify the Heavenly host and their leader is the Archangel Michael, and ask them to protect us, strengthen and help us adequately pass the difficult earthly path.

Michaelmas in November

In Hebrew the name Michael means «Who is like God». In the Holy Scripture is the Archangel Michael referred to as «Prince», «Prince of the host of the Lord» and is the main fighter against the Devil and wickedness among different people, so it is called «Archangel», which means senior warrior, leader. He takes a very close interest in the fate of the Church and is the patron Saint of warriors.

The date of the feast of Michael in November was not accidental. After March, which is considered the primary month from the date of creation of the world, November is the 9th month, in honor of the nine angelic ranks and the feast of Saint Michael and all other angels.

The feast of St. Michael the Archangel is not transitive, this day is spent in fasting, Orthodox Christians are allowed to take any food. This holiday is always celebrated very fun, in the house tazalis guests, arranged a feast with pies, fresh honey. Soon after this feast came the strictness of fasting, so the celebration of Michaelmas could last week.

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