A heat exchanger for winter tents

Теплообменник для зимней палатки

For the avid fisherman or the lover of the tourism season does not end even in the winter. Heated winter tents are some of the key points in this issue. Therefore, buy gas heater for winter tents and to him of the heat exchanger is not a whim or a luxury, but a real necessity.

What you need to know about heat exchanger for winter tents?

Typically used heater for winter tents on Gaza. Then the whole heating system consists of a conventional gas heater, on top of which is mounted a box made of aluminum, it is called heat exchanger.

Circulation of heat is carried out as follows:

  • on the rear wall you will find a number of round through holes through which the air will go inside the housing;
  • on the opposite side of the cooler supply air, which after passing through the housing is heated and becomes dry;
  • through a pipe leading to the open air outside the tent, goes all the carbon monoxide.

For heating winter tents you purchase separate gas, separate heat exchanger housing and the pipe separately. The pipe can be smooth or corrugated. Depending on tent size and the estimated time of stay, is selected and output. When the heater tube is heated to a temperature not dangerous to touch by hand, it will not damage the fabric of the tent.

In operation of the heat exchanger for winter tents, there are three important and basic things:

  • we always light the match first, then give the gas flow, since the probability of explosion if the violation sequence is very high (the gas accumulates inside the construction very quickly);
  • if the battery is empty, we remove a cooler, then get a normal oven with less efficiency, but the heating will be much larger the pipe will heat up strongly and can damage or burn the tent;
  • heater for winter tents does not allow regulation of the gas flow, the temperature in the tent we adjust only the fan speed.
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